Saturday, August 18, 2007

I love lists :0)

Okay, so it might be a form of "active avoidance", but I am a chronic list maker. I like my lists to be success orientated so I put things on it like "get up" and "shower". Before I can do anything I make a list, of course, I usually lose the list in the process of trying to accomplish the goal which required said list. I don't care, I still make them. I probably make 3 or 4 a day.
I also LOVE to read lists, especially checklists. I love FLYLADY and all of her checklists. (I have them printed off somewhere) Right now we are gearing up for back to school and I am trying to find a couple of lists. I have been searching for "essential back to school clothes", "healthy lunches" and of course, "well stocked pantry" (I always love to see what is in everyone else's pantry).
Anyway, I have not been very successful in my searching lately. Sometime, "Googleland" is just too huge. My girlfriend shared that she had once found a site for the "ultimate mom's lists". I'm just not having any luck. If anyone out there is reading this, and you know of a fun list site, would you please send me the link. I could use a burst of inspiration like only a checklist can provide :0)


Marie said...

I too am a list maker, I make them everyday and sometimes I make a list for a list...I can't shop, travel, organized without one....I do flylady too, but I don't print out her lists. I don't think there is anything wrong with being a list maker...I married a list maker, but I cannot get my kids to make least not yet!!!

Jenny said...

I love lists. I always put lists of things to do on the fridge. My husband thinks I'm crazy... then he gets annoyed when I leave him lists of things to do.
Never heard of flylady.

Felicia said...

Its wonderfully satisfying to check completed items off a list :)

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that on every to-do list you should write "eat chocolate" then you can be sure to do one thing on the list!