Monday, August 27, 2007

Roller Derby: Alive and Kickin'

Last night I went to my first Roller Derby match. It was very interesting. My dear friend Maura (aka Mo Matorium) was skating for the Tacoma Trampires. We had no idea what to expect, we had no idea what we were watching, but we were there to support Maura.
When Maura told me she was trying out for Roller Derby, I thought hmmmmm interesting. However, it seemed like a "very Maura" thing to do. Maura is the kind of friend/person who is always having adventures and taking the road less traveled. When she turned the big 40 she was needing something that was totally "hers". Everything in her world is focused on service, family, school, church, the list goes on. She just needed something that was all about her and the fact that she would get in shape and kick some hiney was just a bonus :0)
So last night we made our way down to the shady part of town and crowed into a tiny skate rink to watch the Trampires and the Hellbound Homewreckers battle it out. It was a close battle. Lots of torn fishnet stockings and whatnot, but in the end the Trampires won. I guess it would be a little cheesy to say I was a little choked up watching Maura push and fight her way through the pack. I was so proud of her. Not only because she did an awesome job, but that she had the courage to something a little "out there" and completely for herself.
Way to go, Mo!!

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Jenny said...

I read an article about roller derbies in a recent Marie Claire magazine. It looked really scary! I would love to see one.