Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Summer wind down

This has been an interesting summer. It seemed like every week there was a new "adventure" (aka crisis) and the weeks zipped by all too fast. Next week Ben heads back to school and I have mixed feelings. Ben and Sam are easy kids. They play together, they play alone, they play with their friends. I don't mind having them around at all. Some of my friends started the back to school count down at 12:01 pm on June 17. Not me, I like the lazy days of no schedules and hanging with the kiddos. However I do love Fall.
I woke up the other morning and it smelled like Fall. You know that crispness in the air that perks up instantly. The skies also look a little different. They just seem to be more richly colored. My favorite days are those that are cool and crisp, but also sunny. I hope our sun lasts a while here. Grey and gloomy is usually what we get November to March, so here's hoping global warming has some perks. Sorry, Al.
As I did my morning stroll across blogland, I found it so interesting that many of the blogs I read have the same theme of itching for Fall. We all seem to be tired of our fading summer gardens and can't wait for pumpkins to replace petunias.
Since the age of 2, I have had a "first day of school". As a student, a teacher and a mom, September always means a fresh start. There is something so fresh about that crisp fall air and beauty of the changing leaves (yes, even in the "Evergreen State" we still get a little fall foliage) that inspires me to revamp.
On the Fall to do list:
I will continue to work on my domestic skills. September first I will once again join the ranks of "flybaby" in an attempt to keep the house under control.
I will continue my quest for finding meals my family will eat, are easy to make and will be somewhat healthy :0)
I will find the time to take care of myself. I need to move more. Our family is going to do our local Thanksgiving day "turkey trot" so I need to be ready.
So, so long summer. It's been real. See ya next year :0)


Kellie said...

Flylady is calling my name too. Loudly.

Marie said...

LOVE Flylady, now if I could just follow her system...I have not read the book "My mother, myself" but I know today I am angry at my mother for being outright mean, so I am hoping that I am not like her in that way. So funny that we blogged about summer ending. Guess the weather and school starting gets people in that mood!! 1st day of school for Matt on Thursday...wow, this summer went quickly!

Felicia said...

I'm so jealous of you folks with fall nearly upon you. Its still months away for me here in Georgia.

Jenny said...

I just looked at the Flylady site. Looks good.
I love Autumn/Fall. It is one of my favourite time of year. At the moment we have had the warmest weather for Winter in a long time. I even went out in strappy sandals and a short(ish) skirt today.