Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Think Pink: thought I would play

While wondering around blogland, I stopped at Cottage Magpie and she is doing a Think Pink Valentine's Day giveaway She wants us to post some of our favorite pink things from around our house. I am more of a blue and white girl, but I had to post my favorite pink thing.
Sammie wore this when she was 5 mo. old. It lools so small now. I must say the best part are the little matching shoes (to think her feet were ever that small). Sammie was mostly a rough and tumble baby, so she wasn't "dainty" very often.
I'm definately a "soft pink" person. I always think of Shelby from Steel Magnolias who talks about the colors for her wedding, blush and bashful. "Blush" is definately my shade of pink :0)


Anonymous said...

Is that a toile pattern? It's very pretty.


Cottage Magpie said...

Too cute! I think that's the cutest baby outfit I've ever seen, and I love, love, love that wall color. Will you share the color?
~Angela :-)

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

Oh this is so "over the top cute"! I also posted on the Cottage Magpie's pink challenge and it is so nice to see what others posted too. :o)

Lisa said...

Hey hi!
I am not sure I have posted to you before, my dear nwgal!
That outfit is A D O R A B L E !!!
Seems like yesterday my sweetiepie was that little, but--no more! Miss bossy pants is ruling the roost and calling all the shots.

Im in Aberdeen, our cottage is @ Pacific Beach, which, you may have seen in all the advertising, that Seabrook the new coastal town is in.-which is totally rockin in itself.

Where are you guys at? I also lived in Ballard, U dist, over in Kirkland and in Bellevue for a tad, in my younger years. Waaay before all the lowsey traffic, it was bad, but nothing like it, now. (1984)
Hope you have a great V day.
Its suppose to be NICE NICE NICE this weekend..keep your fingers crossed, my kids need the sunshine.BAD. I swear this is why everyone gets sick, bogged down, ect. NO SUN!! we need the vitamins!
coastal nest

Kari & Kijsa said...


kari & kijsa

Jenny said...

That is very pretty. I love the shoes to match.

becky said...

Laurie Anne,
Thanks for stopping by! This outfit is just precious...and I love the knobs that it hangs on. I love the chalkboard paint project,too...so fun!

Marie said...

I am a pink lover too. When I look around I do have a lot of pink, especially in my closet. I love the outfit, and it is great that Sammie wore it! Thanks for sharing!