Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pink Eye and the blue plate special

Ugh. What a past couple of days. We have officially become Chez Pink Eye. Now my kids are usually very healthy. Up until this year, Ben hadn't missed a day of school since Kindergarten. However, for some reason pink eye keeps plaguing our family and it is the gift that keeps on giving. Ben had it pretty bad and he gave it to Sammie. Yesterday at the Dr.'s both kids checked out free and clear. Super, I had already had to cancel some work I was doing due to sick kids and now I can finish up my loose ends. WRONG. Sammie woke up this morning with RED eyes. Now I'm torn, do I play dumb and send her to school? No, I can' t do that. So on the couch she lies watching a little Sprouts so she won't be crying that she is missing school again. I'm scheduled to work in her class tomorrow and I think I'm going to have to try and find someone who can swap. What a pain. I think the worst part of pink eye is that you are kind of forced to stay home, at least you should stay home. I was looking forward to getting out today, but now I guess I will try and get some house stuff done. It is days like these that I'm really glad that I'm not a "real" working mom. I remember when I was teaching and I had to take a sick baby to daycare and pretend I didn't notice he wasn't feeling well. How awful is that? I know there are a lot of working moms out there, I just know it isn't for me right now. I can barely keep my head above water as it is and to throw on another huge responsibility like working, especially teaching, forget about it :0)
It is raining and grey and kind of depressing. A lot of the blogs I read have had a bunch of snow lately. I don't think I could do snow now. I need some sun. We had a really gorgeous day on Saturday. Joji and Sammie got to go out on our friends boat and I got to stay home with Pink eye Ben. I love those clear, sunny days. We can see the Olympic Mountains and they are so pretty. This picture was taken from Sammie's window.

Even though the weekend was kind of a downer due to sickness, there were a couple of bright spots. We got to see our friends the Zimmermans for a little BBQ. We love going up there and trying out Bob's latest cooking adventure. The best part is that it makes Joji want to start dabbling in the world of "outdoor cooking". I'm all for that. I'm trying to convince him that we need to build a covered patio so our BBQ efforts aren't limited to our 5 sunny days a year, hehe.

And speaking of food, I got the cutest new set of dishes. About a month ago, I was at Fred Meyer. (For those of you who have Fred Meyers in your area, you know how dangerous these stores are. They have EVERYTHING and run REALLY good sales) and I always wonder through the housewares isles to look at the plates. Well I saw this really cute set. It was kind of a sky blue and it reminded me of the the Southern Living dishes. They even came with a "bonus". The set included an extra 4 bowls and 4 salad plates. The "bonus" pieces are what sold me. They looked liked someone had piped royal icing around the edges. I thought that was so pretty. However, I didn't get them, because I really didn't need them and they weren't on sale. So on Friday on our way back from the taking Ben to the Dr. we stopped at Freddies to pick up a couple of things. Well wouldn't you know it, those plates were on clearance and not only that, but they were an additional 50% off the clearance price. Woo Hoo!! Joji green lighted the purchase so I got them. They had 3 sets left and I got them all. They were originally $42 a set, marked down to $32 and with the extra 50% I got them for $16. So I got a set of 72 dishes for $48!!! Now I am not going to store 72 dishes in my cabinets, not that I could if I wanted to, so I'm going to pack up the plain bowls and salads and just use the pretty ones. I was a little worried about food looking funny on a blue plate, but this shade of blue is light enough, that it is okay. Scrambled eggs look especially pretty on my new plates.
So anyway, that has been my life for the past few days. Hopefully things will turn around. Princess Pink Eye needs some water so I'm off.
Wishing everyone a happy Wednesday!!


Marie said...

Umm, I LOVE those dishes...they are the cutest!!! I would have gotten all they had in them, too! I cannot resist a good deal like that! I have blue dishes too and never worry about how the food looks on them! They are too cute to care!!!

Kez said...

I'm glad I don't have a "real" job atm as well - I too have been guilty of sending him to daycare & pretending he was ok :( Then you spend all day fretting & waiting for the phone to ring anyway..

Martha said...


Love the new dishes!

WSU Laura said...

I love Freddie's! In fact I was there today. Screaming deal on the plates and they are gorgeous. Love finding those kind of deals.

Jenny said...

I love the dinner sets. It is great to get such a huge set. I hate having to add a couple of mismatched plates in when a whole group come over. Same with wine glasses. I have a ridulous amount of those.
Pink eye? Funny. We just call it plain old conjunctivitus.