Saturday, February 2, 2008

Groundhogs & Louden Swain

February 2nd makes me think of 2 things: Groundhogs and wrestling.
Apparently Punksatony Phil has predicted 6 more weeks of winter. If winter means snow, then bring it on (we have yet to have any snow actually stick this year), but I know it means more gray and rainy. I'm starting to get a little spring fever. I'm seeing more and more green shoots poking out of the ground. We had a cold snap last week. Everyone in W. Wa got snow but us, so I hope it didn't do too much damage.
On Friday, it was "Career Day" at Ben's school. Since I'm the "Hospitatity Chair" I was in charge of treats for the guests. Usually I whip some homemade goodies, but this time I just hit the QFC. I spent 60 bucks on fruit, muffins, bagels and juice. Geesh. I have to admit, if I was personally footing the bill I may have been a little more thrifty. But it was one of those times, I didn't care and just went shopping. As a "you give so much and ask so little" gift to myself (it has been a REALLY long week) I decided the flowers I would get for the treats table would be pale pink tulips. These are my favorite part of spring. I love them. They are just the prettiest flowers. Of course, they looked great on the treats table, but I gotta tell you, they look even better on my table (heeheehee) Spring please hurry up and get here!!

The first weekend in February is also the first round of the State qualifying tournament. Twenty-three years ago today I was at a wrestling tourney, but that is another story... Anyway, today, on cable was Vision Quest. Every wrestling tourney I have ever been to they play the soundtrack to this movie (9 years I spent keeping score for wrestling teams so I have been to quite a few). In fact, I bet it is being played right now. As far as movies go, it was okay. I could have done without the whole "love interest" portion of the film, but I think it was pretty accurate on the wrestling side. I love wrestling (NOT the WWE stuff, but REAL wrestling) I wish Ben would wrestle, but I don't think it is in him. Too bad, he could have been the next Louden Swain :0)

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