Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The grapevine

Ah yes, the good old grapevine. That marvelous way of getting information you may or may not want. Today, the grapevine is in full swing in good ole Browns Pt.
I have spent many hours this year cleaning up messes (if only these messes were in my home, my house would be oh so clean) I try not to creat these messes, although, I am human and occasionally I may have inedverntly stirred the pot, but mostly I'm like the clown in the parades with the wagon and shovel who runs behind the horses.
Today I think I am neck deep in "mess" and unfortunately a lot of it is just plain old BS.
I'm taking a break from my phone calls, trying to plan the best plan of attack. I'm afraid that I already know what I have to do. I must collect a group of folks to come sit in a room to discuss one topic that is not pleasant and it will most likely lead to several other issues none of which are any more pleasant. Oh the fun, it is a good thing that I get a nice fat paycheck for this...oh wait, I volunteered for this, sigh.
Oh well, I refuse to let this bring me down. Maybe I'm a little delusional, maybe I've been enjoying the smelly markers too much, but I have to believe the organizations I volunteer for are a little better off because of my efforts. Why else would I give all my time and energy (certainly not as an act of avoidance to cleaning my house??) Anyhoo, it will be an interesting few next days.
On the upside, I am heading out of town for the weekend. We are going up to our cabin at Stevens Pass. We might even get some snow. How crazy would that be? Ben got an ax from the Easter Bunny and can't wait to split some firewood. He also gets to bring a friend. Our last few outings with our friends, the Browns, has left poor old Ben odd man out. Now that his friend Joey is coming along everyone should have fun.


debra said...

I hope your mess gets cleaned up quickly. I hate that stuff, don't you? Good luck!
Have a great weekend. Snow sounds like fun. :)

Marie said...

Hate that! Hate it even more when I get dragged into it and I was not involved. Hope it get resolved soon!

WSU Laura said...

It is amazing to me on a daily basis how adults act. I hope you get it resolved soon. Have a great time this weekend. I can't believe we are getting snow here, it isn't sticking but it is snowing.

Jenny said...

Oooooohh. I hope it turns out OK. I hate dealing with confrontation.

A cabin sounds so romantic!