Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a very nice Easter. Poor Ben and Sammie had to figh off the rain and slugs to claim their eggs left by the Easter Bunny. Despite the rain, they had fun. We went to my mom's for brunch and that was nice. Food just seems to taste better when it is handed to you on a plate. Of course there was the added bonus of not having a mess to clean up in my kitchen.
Late in the afternoon, it kind of cleared up and we had a little blue sky. Just enough to spark the gardening bug. Yesterday was dry so the lawn was mowed (apparently Joji reads the blog) and I was able to do a little pruning and weeding. Our back yard beds really need to be weeded, but I don't think it will be that bad of a job. There is not a lot of stuff I have to be real careful with so I can take my horseshoe hoe to it and whip it into shape in no time. If you don't own a horseshoe hoe, I totally recomend it. It makes quick work of small weeds (big ones too) and anything that makes me want to weed is worth its weight in gold. We also have a couple of weed hounds and Ben and Sammie fight over who gets to use them. How great is that. Unfortunately, Sammie is still a little too small to truly make her efforts worthwhile, but she still thinks it's fun. I'm hoping for a break from the rain so I can tap into my new found enthusasium.
I also realized that today is my one year anniversary for the blog. Doesn't seem like a year. I don't know if that is good or bad, I'll go with good. Thanks to everyone who stops by and says hi. It really means a lot and I feel like I have made some friends from all over the world. How exciting for a stay at home mom from Tacoma :0)


WSU Laura said...

Love the Easter picture. Where would I find the horseshoe hoe? i have been guilty of not doing any yardwork and am feeling terribly guilty about it.

Kellie said...

Happy one year blogiversary!

Marie said...

I neglected my gardens so badly last year because of the job from hell, but I have a newfound enthusiasm and excitement about the gardens and the gardening magazines are getting the bug going early. As a Master Gardener I know better than to start too early, but I cannot help browse the seed section of the store each and every time I go!!! I cannot wait to get those babies started!!! It will be a fun year for the gardens!!!