Saturday, March 15, 2008

Humble Pie

Well, we had our conference and was great. I really love Ben's teacher. She is so with it. I asked my questions and she was able to answer me without a second thought. Turns out Ben didn't turn in a spelling packet and that is what dropped his grade and the same thing for math. Totally makes sense, plus it was a nice illustration to Ben of how important turning work in is.
As I'm sitting here I'm looking out my living room window at RAIN, RAIN and more RAIN. (Kate if you are reading this, I really wish there was a way to send you some)In a little over an hour the preschool will be holding its annual open house, the Spring Fling. It doesn't feel very springy. Last year it rained as well and nothing starts the day out like having to drag toddlers through a gravel parking lot full of HUGE puddles. I don't think one kid made it through the doors not soaking wet. I hope it is fun. I volunteered to hunker down in the kitchen and sell pizza. I did this at the Harvest party and it was fun. We were busy so the time flew by. I'm all about the time flying by :0) Another bummer about it raining is that we are having a ribbon cutting ceremony on a big mosaic mural the preschoolers did 7 years ago. It is finally up and it is Dash Points firs piece of public art (I will post some pics later tonight)
I hope everyone's Saturday isn't as soggy as mine.


Jenny said...

I hope it all went really well.
I wish it would rain a bit more in Sydney.

It is a shame Ben forgot to hand in some work... but as you say, a good lesson for him.

Anonymous said...

I wish you could send me some rain too. We have had 1 ml (1/25 of an inch) so far this March. Yikes!