Monday, March 3, 2008

In like a lamb (but it felt like a lion)

March is officially here and I am still recovering from my weekend. It was a doozy. On Friday, I volunteered to drive and chaperon for Ben's field trip to NW Trek. Since the bussing situation in Tacoma is a mess, the parents have to drive. I'm not a huge fan of the parents driving thing, not just because of the whole "what if there is a crash thing" but it seems so wasteful. We had a caravan of 30 cars! For the most part the group of kids I had in my van were pretty good. I forget how quiet Ben is until I'm around other little boys that are a bit more boisterous. I'm not saying they were spazzy, but Ben did offer to pay them to be quiet (it worked for a while).
One of the best parts of NW Trek is that they "put the people in the cages". They have a tram that takes you through the park where the animals are free to roam. It isn't like the old school animal parks where the animals come up to your car and you feed them. Nope, they are wild and just go about their business. We were there a couple of weeks ago with friends and all the animals were hiding, but Friday they were everywhere. We had a great time. Once again, I was reminded how much energy it takes to be around kids all day and reinforced the idea that I'm not ready to go back to teaching just yet

Saturday was our preschool auction. I went to help set up in the morning, which actually was pretty fun. It became even more fun when the mimosas and bloody marys made an appearance. The bonus for helping set up is that you get to preview all the items being auctioned off. (I made 2 of these apothecary terrariums. They were much prettier in person) Come auction time, it is just too crowded to get a good look at stuff. Even though there was a lot of items, the only thing I really wanted was a framed picture of water. It was so pretty. It looked like a Monet, but it was a photograph. Just loved it, had to have it. Lucky for me I was the only bid :0)
As part of my duty as co-president, I get to make a little speech. I have no trouble speaking in front of people, but I wasn't on the schedule until almost 8:30. The plan was not to drink until AFTER I had given my speech, but you know what they say about the best laid plans... Last year the auction chair had herself a very good time and by the end of the night she was pretty "entertaining". I did not want to be "entertaining" during my speech. I thought it went pretty well, however, when I was called back up an hour later to speak about the new signs we were are planning to purchase, not as polished. The good news, no one was really listening. Usually that is a major pet peeve of mine, but I was okay with it just this once :0)
We have been to 6 auction for the preschool and this year's was by the far the most fun. Our table was definitely the "fun" table. We laughed and laughed and the night flew by. A bunch of us ended back up at our friends house and we spent the rest of the evening listening to records (not CD's or MP3's, but actual honest to goodness VINYL!!) Nothing like a late night sing-a-long. It was so much fun.
The plan for Sunday was to go out for breakfast. However, for some reason, going out turned into me and Matt making making breakfast for everyone, hmmmmmmm. It was a gorgeous sunny day and I was looking forward to just lazing around, but my Mom called and told me Sammie was sick. So my Sunday was spent on puke watch, but lucky for me, the worst had past so Sammie and I spent the day snuggling in the big bed. She is feeling much better today, but I still kept her home (she hasn't been to school for a week). She slept around the clock, but woke up in a good mood. We will play it by ear, but I might try and eek out a quick Costco run.
Well, that was my weekend. Now back to reality. Today is laundry day and the mountain of wash isn't that bad. My real focus for today is clutter. I need clean flat surfaces. My house has turned into one huge "hot spot" and I really can't stand it. So I probably should get off the computer and start (well, maybe I will check in with a couple blogs first, hehe)
Happy Monday everyone!! :0)


Kellie said...

Glad your daughter is feeling better! I'm got my own hotspots to work on too...

Lizzy Mae said...

Wait, houses are supposed to have clean, flat areas whose sole purpose ISN'T to collect clutter? Shoot, I'd better get on that....


Marie said...

Sounds like a busy weekend, I know that I hate when I am so busy that I cannot enjoy what I am doing. I have decided this is the year I am really, REALLY going to declutter! LESS IS MORE!!! I need to downsize the junk!!! Maybe we can have a fundraiser yardsale or something like that so I don't feel it is all going to waste!

becky said...

I'm really trying to get rid of the STUFF that hot spots are made of. Sometimes I feel likes it's taking over my life!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenny said...

Sounds like a great time at the auction.
I know those times when you think no drinks until the official part of the evening is over. I never succeed, but have never been too 'entertaining' (I hope).
I like the things you made. How long do the plants last in there?