Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The rain, rain, rain, came down, down, down...

Well, here I sit looking out my window at yet another dreary rainy in day in Washington. Some rainy days are easier than others. Today is an errand day and so the thought of traipsing through parking lots full of big puddles is less than exciting. I have to return a dress I had bought for the auction. When I tried it one and showed Joji his comment was "do you have anything else?" Ouch. Okay, it was kind of ugly. I was hoping it was more funky than ugly, but it was ugly. So today is my 30th day on the return policy so I have to make sure it goes back. The bonus of having to return the dress is that I now have some "found" money and there is a Marshalls at the supermall (yes, that is actually the name, but don't let it fool you) I'm hoping to find something fun and springy at Marshalls. Our local TJMaxx had been kind of bare lately so it will be fun to shop somewhere new.
The other bummer about the rain is that our lawn, although green and lush, needs to be mowed. Now I'm not the kind of girl who won't do "man's work" like moving the lawn, it is just that I HATE our mower. It is huge and loud and has "overdrive" so I feel like I'm being pulled helplessly behind it. I know that if for some reason I was to let go it would stop, but I still feel panicky. I have visions of the mad mover running everything and everyone down. We used to have a nice little electric mover. I LOVED that one. First of all it was quiet, no louder than a vacuum. it was light and easy to maneuver. But alas, it wasn't macho enough and it was given away. So now I have to wait for my husband to mow the lawn and he is of the belief that you can't mow when it is wet. If we have to wait until it is dry, my lawn won't be cut until August!! Oh well, I'm sure he will read this and I will get the "if you want the lawn mowed so badly, go ahead" speech when he gets home.
I guess I shouldn't be too hard on him. It isn't like I have been out doing my yard jobs either. I so need to cut back and divide my 'mums' and weed, weed, weed. I really hate weeds. I wish I could develop a love of dandelions, but I just can't (too bad, we have some real humdingers)
On the first of April a little nursery down the road will open and I'm sure it will provide the much needed inspiration to get out and garden. I always go and buy the same thing every year. I can't help myself, they have the prettiest flowers. Spring break is around the corner, so hopefully we will have some good weather. Although it is just a given that most rainfall to happen in the spring usually happens whenever the kids are on break.
Okay, I'm off for a little retail therapy. Wishing everyone a Happy Tuesday from a very soggy Tacoma :0)

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Jenny said...

My husband is also of the mindset that mowing can't be done if the grass is wet.

I love retail therapy. There is nothing better...especially without kids tagging along.