Monday, June 30, 2008

Mr. Sun

Well the sun has finally decided that the end of June would be a nice time to drop by for a visit. The past few days have been sunny and "hot" (Washingtonian translation: over 75) We have been at the pool and I now have lots of "color". To the untrained eye it might look pink, but it is actually my "base tan". We took the day off today so that my base tan could have some time to sink in a bit. Seriously, I am more brown than pink, but I did break down and get some sun screen. I know, I know, but I'm a sun worshipping child of the 80's so this is a big step for me. Maybe the next time I'm at the pool, I will actually apply some :0)
One of my favorite "you know it is summer when"'s is appearance of "raccoon eyes". Not the kind caused by running mascara, but the white kind you get from your sunglasses. I usually have "cat eye" shaped circles, but this year I'm rocking the "Jackie O" shades. I figured that the big glasses are at least some protection from the sun.


Marie said...

As a blond (pre kiddos) I used to just get darker and darker without ever burning, but since having kids I have to build slowly or I look like a lobster. I am slowly getting my base on! I love the glasses reference...I have the same type this year for the beach...good eye protection I tell myself! Pictures coming???


Sounds like your having a good Summer! Here in Florida, it is so hot I actually love the days that the sun is in, just to cool off a little!LOL. I was looking through your posts and saw your quilt you found at Goodwill, thats a good one, they still have that at Target! Thanks for the visit and have fun at the pool.