Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Country Style = MIA

One of the shows I really enjoy on HGTV is "Country Style". (this was one of the kitchen they featured and I LOVE it) I was so excited when I saw on Acorn Cottage a couple of months ago that it was returning to the daytime line up. My tivo was set and I was happy. I loved watching those shows and finding inspiration. Now it seems HGTV has revamped their line up and "Country Style" has once again disappeared. Oh well, thank goodnes for TIVO :0)


thevintageboquet said...

Laurie Ann..I too love Country Style.. especially when the run the Fredericksberg,TX people..Rose Hicks, Carol Hicks Bolton, etc.. there is actually a website for the 'Homestead' group..anyway, I'm new at blogging and wanted to thank you for your kind words..I've posted a couple of new pics..your style is so comfortable and homey..Don't you just love 'nesting'?? Enjoy Deb

Kellie said...

I just realized that it was missing today! I am backlogged on my DVR in watching my episodes but I realized this morning it wasn't taping at its usual time and I checked the Web site. Boo hoo! Its return to the air was too brief. I'm sad. I really liked that show -- as you know! thanks for mentioning my blog -- and I'm unhappy it's gone. There are too many "modern" style shows on HGTV now; I wish they would bring that one back.

Shabee Chick said...

I love that show too!