Thursday, June 28, 2007


The first room I painted when we bought the house was the upstairs bathroom. I love this shower curtain and this shade of blue really makes it pop. The best thing about the shower curtain is that it has all the colors I love.
A long time ago Lynette Jennings had a decorating show and she did a segment on choosing colors for your home so that rooms "flow". She had and "inspiration piece" and then pulled the colors from that. She said it would "work" in the rooms because it already "works" in the fabric. That advice must have stuck because all the paint in our house can be traced back to this shower curtain. I find it funny to paint a house around the bathroom, but you gotta go with what you love :0)


Marie said...

I LOVE YOUR BATHROOM!!! I LOVE THE COLOR!!! Blue is my favorite color and several rooms in my house are done in different shades of blue. I love the shower curtain too, I can never choose just one so I have them for different seasons!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that shade of blue. I also like how you have continued the blue in your living room. The armoire looks great in that corner too.

Meg said...

That is a beautiful shade of blue! My favorite color, blue. So pretty and perfect for any room.

I think the idea about getting inspiration from what you see in fabric is smart. I notice that they always did that when I was watching Trading Spaces.

Felicia said...

Beautiful blue :)