Saturday, June 16, 2007

Everyday Food

I have been a Martha fan since her PBS days. I've always enjoyed being inspired to create all kinds of "good things". Well, tonight I have to say old Martha let me down.
Once a month my husband has the boys over and I prepare a small feast. Every now and then I like to try something new. For dinner tonight the hubby flipped through the current issue of "Everyday Food" and picked the recipe that was featured on the cover (Pork kabobs with Ginger/Pineapple rice). Seemed easy enough, no complicated ingredients, I'll give it a try. It was awful. There was no flavor at all. I even tried to kick it up a bit, but no use. One of the guys asked "what kind of meat is this?" Not a good sign.
I hate when you put all that time into a dish and it is such a flop. It really says something when there is food left (usually these guys lick their plates clean- I wish I wasn't exaggerating) About a 1/3 of the kabobs are still waiting to be eaten. Maybe the late night munchies will kick in and they will be gone when I wake up, but I'm not counting on it.
This was my first recipe out of "Everyday Food" and now I'm a little leery. Anyone else have this experience? I am hoping this was a fluke, because a lot of the other recipes look so good. Oh well, live and learn :0)


Jolene George said...

I try new recipes on people all the time. I hate it when they are terrible. Just know it's not a reflection on you....just a crummy recipe. I just mentioned leftovers in my fridge being turned into science experiments on my blog. Perhaps you should throw them away now to save them from that fate. hee...hee...:o)

Nicole Hankemeier said...

How about some honey flavored barbeque sauce to sweeten them up?

I haven't read the recipe and don't know what seasonings were used so don't take my word for it that it will work.

I usually try out recipes myself before I try them out on other people, especially if they are male friends! You are much more adventurous.