Monday, June 11, 2007

For the love of Benji

Ever since I started this little blog, Ben has felt rather left out. He was less than thrilled to see Sammie and Tinker on the header and insisted I do an entry on him. So today I will.
Ben is great. He is the kind of kid I loved having in my classes when I was teaching. I once had a student named Lyle and everyone would always say, "how can you not love Lyle?" I think Ben is the same way.
He is quickly growing out of "little boy" (although he was only actually little when he was born - now he's a good head taller than everyone) and into cool kid. He just finished his 4th season of baseball. He has had the luck on being a team with the best coaches, kids and parents. This was the last year of "A" ball and it is likely the team will be split up next year when the group moves up to "AA" ball. Too bad, they are all good players but a great team (14-0).
Saturday was the end of the year picnic and this year there was to be a Dad & Son game. Everyone was so looking forward to it, but in true Washington fashion, it dumped! Everyone was soaking wet, the food all got soggy, but we had a blast anyway.

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