Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blogging at the Fair

So today is my last day working at the Fair. This is a our little booth. It is too bad you can't see the art work up close. It really is great. It has been a very interesting experience. I have chatted with so many interesting folks. I spent an hour today talking to a gentleman who was 71 and was very knowledgeable about all kinds of things. He thought it was pretty cool that when he was telling me tansy ragwort, I was able to pull it up on the computer (you gotta love google) Other than that, it has been SLOW (thanks God for wi-fi). I have been here since 10 (it's 2:15 now) I haven't sold a thing. The poor gallery. Folks just aren't in the market for art this year. I guess they are concentrating on food and gas and things like that. That being said, the guy who is hawking the "Super Shammie" is making a killing.

This the view from my little table. It is amazing what some of these kids can do considering that they are still in grade school. We have also been treated to all kinds of music styling at the fair. Today is Jr High Battle of the Bands. Last week it was Jr. High Choirs. One school did an eclectic medley of songs which included such classics as Houndog, YMCA and U Can't Tough This. When they first started with the Do, do, do, do's I thought, "surely they aren't going to sing Superfreak." I didn't know how that would have flown, Fair folk are a tad on the conservative side especially the ones here on a midweek morning.

Of course the Fair is know for it's food. Everyone has their own "must eats". Ben's is Elephant ears, my dad is a Walla Walla onion burger and mine are scones. They really aren't that special, but having one handed to you in the cute little red, white and blue plaid paper bag still warm with butter and raspberry jam dripping out of it makes it extra yummy. Since I'm here all day, I actually had to get real food on my lunch break. I decided to get an Earthquake Burger. This is a picture of my TEN dollar burger. Yup, TEN bucks for a patty, cheese and bun. No lettuce or tomato or pickles, but when you are hungry what are you gonna do. Of course, after a salty burger you gotta have something sweet, so I was off to find the Seattle's Fudge stand. Again, prices where high. But I must say that wasn't as irritating as the lady in front of my who was incredible challenged by the use of her credit card. Seriously, if you are going to use plastic, practice using it before you stand in the longest line at the fair. Oh well, waddaya gonna do?
Joji got the kids out of school early today. They are taking the bus down here. It took me 25 minutes to get here this morning. It will take them one and half hours by bus. Of course, it is raining, hopefully it will stop before they get here. I'm working until 7. The plan is for them to go on rides, eat and then we will hook up for looking at the animals.
Well that is all for now. Only 4 more hours to go :0)


WSU Laura said...

In my best Homer Simpson voice, "MMMM Scones!" drool included. And I love me an Onion burger too. Do they still have the deep-fried twinkie (blech)? That is cool your family is joining you. I remember way long ago in the middle ages when I rode the bus down from Seattle with my best friend and we hung out at the fair all day and I paid way too much for a sand bird momento. Ahh memories. Have fun!

Timi said...

I love the scones too. They aren't that fantastic but one does get all excited over the presentation and the excitment of the fair.
The fair is so expensive, any of them are but they are fun. We didnt' get to go to any of them this year. I was so disappointed.
Maybe next year.

Kendra said...

I hope that burger was good. Man... ten bucks. I've sat in one place before with nothing but a computer and the hope of someone entering your area to keep you awake. Hope you read lots of blogs and played lots of Solitaire. :)