Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For Those About to Rock: Prepare to dig deep

In 1994, I went to an AC/DC concert, spent $25 and had a blast. We had great seats and they put on an amazing show. Now the boys from down under are coming back to town and when I heard the news I started doing the happy girl clapping. I immediately called the Browns and started lining up the baby sitter. However, last night I got some news that stopped me dead in my tracks: tickets are $100 a piece!!

What??? Are you kidding me?? Seriously, AC/DC thinks they can get 100 bucks a ticket for festival seating? What has the world come to?? Now a few months ago, Van Halen came to town with David Lee Roth and the tickets were $100. That was a tough one. I always regretted not going to see them on the 1984 tour and then after that they became Van Haggar (which I did see - not bad, but just not the same) Bottom line, we decided that was just too much money to spend on a show. So now we are facing that dilemma again. Am I just so out of touch that this is what shows cost?? I don't think so. We recently got some Ray LaMontange tickets and they were $45 a piece and that seemed reasonable. Plus we got great seats and the show is in a little theater, it is going to be a amazing. I'm torn and not sure what to do. Actually I think we will sit and wait. There is no way the show will sell out and maybe the prices will drop or they might do 2 for 1 sales the day of the show. Either way I'm a little bummed. I was so excited for a fun night out with the Browns and now corporate greed has ruined my plans.

Anyhoo, besides fretting over the price of concerts things around here have been crazy. I have been testing and working at the fair. Everyday is go, go, go. I have forgotten the stamina it takes to be a "working mom". Can I just say it isn't fun. I don't like coming home tired and not wanting to cook or clean (okay, I never want to clean, but I did it) Things will calm down next week and I think I will be able to start figuring out the rhythm of my day. It has become very clear that I must stick to some sort of routine. Carving out days for laundry and grocery shopping are a must and of course, sticking to it.

Even though things have been busy, it is so much easier to get up and go when the weather has been AMAZING!! We have the best Indian summer around here and this year is no exception. It was 80 the other day. Why it couldn't be 80 this summer, is beyond me, but I will take some sun whenever I can get it. My garden is not quite done yet and I took some great pics the other day. I will post them later when I get a chance to download them. It is hard to believe that it is time to start planting spring bulbs. I was at Costco the other day and the their bags of bulbs are now $13. Last year they were less than $10 :0( I guess I'm pretty lucky if the major impact of this "adjustment" to the economy on my life is over priced concert tickets and expensive spring bulbs.
Happy Humpday!!


debra said...

I hear you about the concert tickets. It is amazing. We rarely go to anything for that reason. I hope the price comes down - it would be fun!

Marie said...

The RUSH concert I took Matthew to last July was $98 a ticket. I remember paying $30 for Moody Blues tickets in 1983 and thinking that was a lot... it sucks, but what can you do... especially when you want to bring your kids to show them your teenage idols????

Timi said...

The Hubs and I have passed up going to about 5 or 6 concerts because the tickets were so expensive. Don't forget all the service charges on top of those tickets. That's another $20 or more on top of the ticket price.

In my single days, my friend Donna and I use to wait until concert night and go buy tickets just before the show started. Sometimes you can get them discounted at the box office. On the nights we couldn't get tickets.......oh well........cocktails it was!
You should still plan the night out, go down to where the concert is and if you can't get tickts..............oh can have a super dinner and fabulous drinks for $200

Glad your back
Have a great day

~ Jamie ~ said...

I know! Can you believe the price of those tickets? We went to a Bon Jovi concert & I think we paid $150. Ugh! But the concert was awesome! Only for Bon Jovi though...okay and maybe Paul McCartney. Hang in there with work and fair and crazy life!