Wednesday, September 24, 2008


A few months ago, my friend Chris was telling me about her adventures with facebook (aka crackbook) She shared how her teenage step-daughter got her hooked and she has been reconnecting with all kinds of folks from her past. I had received an email saying that Chris as invited me to be a friend and I agreed. Of course I had to sign up, but I never really did anything with it.
Last night, Joji tells me that the brother of one of his old cronies had sent him a friend invite on facebook. It was so random, but a total hoot because Erik had some pictures of their motley crew from back in the day.

They all look like babies. I guess the good news is that most of those guys look the same (of course with the exception of some grey hair- sorry Joj) So today, Joji and I spent a good deal of time on facebook trying to track down old classmates (like we had nothing else to to)
So in the spirit of pictures from back in the day, here is a real gem.

Senior Prom '87
"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"
(Yes, I know that song is HORRIBLE, but I was out voted)
So there you have my flashback moments inspired by crackbook. Anyone else brave enough to share a little "yesteryear"?? I would love to see them :0)


Lisa said...

Ohhh yeah, sister. Thats what Im talkin about. I love that dress!!! howd you know the back ground would be the same? What a hoot.
your still so cute!

Jenny said...

Oh yes, the joys of facebook!!
A lot of students I have taught have tracked me down. Scary.
Love the blue dress.

Martha said...



And I love the recent photo of you on the sidebar, too!


Timi said...

aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh you look so pretty. I need to find you on Facebook so we can "connect" :-)

Marie said...

OMGoodness, I shared a whole bunch of old pictures the beginning of the month from the late 80's when I was talking about Dan and mine's anniversary coming up (big hair and all!!!) ofcourse, it was not prom, it was our beginning days, and our wedding but it was 88, 89, go check them out!!! Not so bad pics of you guys, very nice hair and dress!!!

debra said...

I have 2 friends who have invited me to look at facebook - however you say it-you know what I mean. I haven't joined yet or even really looked into it but I am sure I will. The whole getting addicted to it scares me - I have enough going on with out another thing to suck away my time. :)

Love your prom pic!