Monday, September 22, 2008

It's the little things...

I consider myself a pretty low maintenance kind of gal and Joji to be very lucky because of this. After a recent business trip to South Carolina, Joji came home baring gifts. I received one of those real estate magazines you get at the grocery store and the shower cap from his hotel room. I was thrilled. I fancy myself a real estate junkie and I have been meaning to get myself a shower cap (ya know for those times you want a quick shower, but not the ordeal of dealing with wet hair) but just never got around to getting one. Matt was over for dinner and thought those gifts were strange at best and found it harder to believe how excited I was. What he didn't seem to get is that charming part was that Joji knew exactly what I liked. I would rather have a free shower cap than some expensive "whatever" that had no thought behind it.
So continuing with the theme of "it takes very little to make me happy" I want to share with you what is making my life so wonderful these days. I like to bake and I bake a lot. However the plugs in which I plug various mixers and such into are not located in the best places. I have a little peninsula counter where I do most of my work and ever since we moved in, I have dreamed of someday having a plug at the end of my counter. Well, this weekend I finally got one. Joji and Matt spend all of Saturday installing it. Here it is. Isn't she a beaut??

To celebrate I make devils food cupcakes with chocolate butter cream, a pecan pie and a banana cream pie. It was so nice to bake without having to unplug the phone.
Not only did I get my outlet, I also got a new closet rod in the coat closet. About a week or so ago, the shelf in out coat closet collapsed. It was one of those awful white wire shelves and I can't say I was sad. Joji built me a new fancy shelf and installed an actual rod (we had hung our stuff on the wire shelf and that was bad because you can't slide stuff) Now my coats are off the living room couches and back in the closet where they belong.

Last but not least, there was some minor bathroom renovation that I am also thrilled with. I'm sure the moms can relate to the fact that we often go without privacy when dealing with the call of nature. Now I must say the fact Ben and Sam often barge in with some crisis is pretty typical and I've grown accustom to it. However, I draw the line when Sam starts bringing along friends. So with a frantic phone call to catch the boys while still at ACE, I am now the proud owner of a locking bathroom door.
It might now be the snazziest, but it works and that make me oh so happy.
Happy Monday everyone!!


WSU Laura said...

Hey, nice plug! I love that he knew exactly what to get you and you really are low maintenance. Those cupcakes sound fabulous and so does the banana cream pie. Now I am drooling. Have a great day, I gotta go plug in my mixer.

debra said...

I am right there with you. For our 2nd Valentine's day I asked my husband for a vacuum but I got an engagement ring! haha Too practical for my own good I guess. I am sure that new outlet makes a huge difference. And what a nice hubby to do it. :)

Timi said...

That is so sweet! What a good guy! I love it when I get a new shower cap! I'm usually thrilled with some new little bottles of lotion too. I get all excited about getting something for Cracker Barrel when Jay travels. I don't even care if it's just a play by play of what he ordered and how it tasted. Then an inventory list of what they had in their little shop.
New Plug! I'm so excited for you. I know how these little things make us giddy. I had a plug put in my pantry so I could get the electric broom out of the walk way. I was on cloud 9 for weeks. Right now I'm in the same state of mind as you with my new front door. Everyday I say to Jay.......Have you seen the new front door?
I'm posting a new cookie recipe tomorrow. You will have to try it. We are going to have to exchange some recipes for the holidays. I have been a baking fool lately