Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You know were you are?? You're at the dentist baby

So this morning after getting the kids off to school I went to the dentist. I have been going to the same office since I was a little kid. I used to have Dr. Carl and now I have Dr. Brett (his son). It was a little weird at first having a dentist that was a few years younger than me and that I have attended "social gatherings" with in high school, but today it paid off. I had to have some fillings done and they offered my some music for my listening pleasure. As I looked over my options, Best of Mani low, Sade, Eagles... don't get me wrong, any of those would have been okay... I saw the ultimate dentist CD. Guns and Roses: Appetite for Destruction :0)
Interesting G&R trivia: My dear friend Sarah went to HS (Roosevelt HS in Seattle) with G&R's bass player Duff McKagan and Joji often takes credit for bringing G&R to the U of W in '87 before they hit it big.
I have to say it was a little surreal having the beginning of Welcome to the Jungle playing as you are laying there looking up at two masked people holding very large needles. Needless to say, the CD was the best part of the visit. I have the most sensitive teeth and in order to "numb" me up, I got 3 times the Novocaine. Sadly, it wasn't enough. They were able to get two of the three filled before my body said enough was enough. I'm sorry but I'm just to physically capable of having you zing my tooth nerve and not jump out of my chair. Now here I sit, with it feeling like my face is sagging into my lap. I was going to go do some testing, but in order to test the English, I must be able to speak it and that just really isn't happening. I thought maybe a trip to Joann's, but the thought of literally drooling down the isles wasn't that appealing as well. So now I'm home and I think I will take a little nap. The stuff the shot me full of is now starting to kick in and my whole face feels sleepy.


Jenny said...

Gosh. Sorry about the bad drilling experience.
I am one of those bizzare people (and I know that there are only a few of us), who does not mind going to the dentist.

Marie said...

Awesome, I always bring my Ipod when I go, and I still go to the same dentist I have been going to since I was 8....only it still is the same dentist.

debra said...

I Love that they have music to listen to. I need alot of novacaine too -it stinks. Hope you feel better soon. :)

Lisa said...

sweet child o mine...oh frickin yes.Me liked a little high haired Axel Rose in his day. him and his skinny jeans.