Thursday, January 8, 2009

Stormy Weather

Today is the first day this week it hasn't poured. I'm talking build an ark rain. I know I live in a wet place, but sometimes the rain is just a little too much to take. It can be soo depressing. I had to work yesterday and I would just get soaked running from my car to the school (did I mention the ocean sized puddles that I had to cross in my clogs?? not fun) Now I'm a true Washingtonian and never carry an umbrella. Around here they are more trouble than they are worth especially when I'm testing and don't really have a place to put my stuff. The last thing I want is a soggy umbrella I have to carry around. Bottom line, I'm so over the rain.
Thankfully, today has a little bit of sunshine. I will be able to get out and run some errands. I'm watching Lily today which is always great. She is 2 and I get my "little kid" fix. She is great. She is talking so much now. Boy time flies. I can barely remember Sammie at this age. Another benefit of watching Lily is that I have to be a little more focused on what is going on. Spending hours on line blog hopping really isn't an option when she is around. I even find I clean more when she is around so that is another bonus. Well, Lily is here so I gotta get going. I hope every one's day is nice and productive. I'm hoping mine is :0)


WSU Laura said...

And winter has only just begun....You are so right about the umbrella thing what's the point when the wind is just going to blow it inside out anyway and my hair is stick straight, it can't go any straighter. I just got back from a needed pedi and taming of the brows. A nice respite from the everyday.

~*Marie*~ said...

We had some freak snow today, it amounted to nothing, but was not planned or expected. Now, I know I claim to love the snow, and I do, but there comes a time in the year that I hate seeing the white stuff. And rain? Don't even get me started. There actually comes a point in the summer when I have been known to do a rain dance, but in the Spring... we have so much of it I swear I am waterlogged!!!! I can feel your pain!

Timi said...

And the winter has just begun! I might take my Doctor up on that prescription she offered me last winter!
Jay spent 2 1/2 hours going 7 miles this evening. All the roads around us are closed because of water. This is the worst flooding I can remember. Even the big flood in 88 or 89 I don't think was this bad.
No umbrella is a sign of a true Pacific Northwesterner. I agree with WSU Laura. Whats the point when it's going to be blown out of your hands anyway. Besides that .......this is exactly why we all wear gortex hooded jackets.
Happy productive day!

Jenny said...

All that rain would be depressing.
And it would make my hair fuzzy all the time.
Yes, carrying an umbrella is a pain.