Saturday, January 31, 2009

Two Trick Pony

I feel like a two trick pony. I have two dishes that I can pull out and "wow" folks with. I need more. Now I can make good, basic, classic dishes, but meatloaf, although good, is far from "impressive".
When I want to "wow" I either bust out the General Tso's Chicken or my Beef and Chicken Satay. Both dishes look impressive and all fancy, and they could not be easier (I'm all about easy)
I need more dishes that can feed a crowd and look good doing it. Do you have a "wow" dish standby?? If you do, can you share it with me? Pretty please??
Extra bonus points if it a dish that won't break the bank.
Moving out of the kitchen...(at least for a while)

Today is SUNNY!!!! It is a spring tease kind of day. The kids are at BaChan's house so it is just Joj and I and I'm so temped to fight the crowds at Home Depot. I'm thinking the "dead" theme I have on my front porch isn't workin' for me anymore. I have some spring bulbs that I'm forcing (aka didn't get into the ground in time) in the garage that I would like to get into some pots and of course the obligatory pansies. I love the sun. When I was in college at CWU it was always sunny. Even in the winter. Blue skies everyday. If Boeing ever opens an office in Eburg, I'm so there. Blue skies and supermother burgers at the TAV, pure heaven.

One last note, before I'm off to be productive (in theory) The key lime pie I posted yesterday had some drawbacks. While the taste was good, the crust was not. I would suggest using a different crust recipe. This one was dry and not sweet enough. This surprised me since I doubled the sugar and butter it called for. Hmmmmm.
Anyway, I hope it is sunny where you are.
:0) Laurie

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