Saturday, July 21, 2007

38 things about Me

Since today is my 38th birthday (yikes) I thought I would share 38 fun facts about myself.
38 things about me
1. When my mom was in labor with me, my dad left the hospital to watch the moon landing. I was born the next day.
2. I was named after Dr. Laura Horton on Days of Our Lives
3. I have 2 “little” brothers who are taller than me
4. My dad can’t figure out why I’m freakishly tall (5’9.5”) and my brothers are only kinda tall (6’ & 6’2”)
5. I traveled from Kentucky to Washington State in a box on the back seat.
6. I met my best friend in Kindergarten and still call her Jenny P.
7. My favorite memory of elementary schools was the Friday sing alongs. I recently ran into the teacher who lead them and thanked her.
8. My Jr. High math teacher, Mr. Jensen, inspired me to be a math teacher (despite a 19% in his class), but when I realized I would have to major in math I knew it was not meant to be. I still run into Mr. Jensen and we laugh about this.
9. I held a record at my Jr. High that lasted 20 years and was finally retired when they switched to a middle school.
10. I managed and kept score for my Jr., Sr., and college wrestling teams. I love wrestling.
11. I spent my summers working as a lifeguard/ professional tanner and swim instructor.
12. I chose swimming over volleyball (even though I loved volleyball) because I thought I had a better chance to letter. I missed lettering by 2 points.
13. The summer before our Sr. year, Jenny P. and I went to southern California and 2nd degree sunburns did not keep us from hitting the beach.
14. I was a Sr. class officer so that I could choose the date of Prom so it would not conflict with the state meet.
15. Joji took me to Prom.
16. I couldn’t go to the community college I wanted to because they didn’t have a woman’s track team. I was made an honorary member of the Highline Men’s Track team.
17. I lived in the “Castle” when I attended Central Washington.
18. My friends and I survived on Pizza Hut salads and Supermother hamburgers from “the Tav”
19. I double majored in Elementary Ed and Special Ed.
20. I student taught at my old Jr. High and could not call my old teachers by their first names.
21. Before my first real interview, the woman I would be working with said, “we are going to have so much fun working together”. I got the job
22. I have taught Basic Skills (Title 1/LAP), ½ multi-age, second grade and Kindergarten . I have also been a librarian and teacher trainer. I like Kindergarten the best.
23. In 1995, Joji looked me up in the phonebook and called to wish me a happy birthday. We have been together ever since
24. Joji proposed to me at school and some students thought he was Governor Gary Lock.
25. I picked our wedding date based on getting an extended spring break from school.
26. We honeymooned in Spain (just like Elliot and Nancy Weston)
27. I quit working when Ben was 2 and began my adventures in “stay at home” land
28. I miss teaching and still buy things for my future classrooms although I don’t see going back until Sammie is much older (15 or so)
29. Being the control freak that I am, I’m on a million committees at Ben’s school and the president of Sammie’s preschool. Joji can’t understand why I left a paying school job for non paying school jobs.
30. I really enjoy the Seattle Mariners and one of my most treasured items is a note from retired M’s catcher Dan Wilson. My new crush is Richie “The Big Sexy” Sexson.
31. I love to cook and bake. However the day to day stuff is really boring and can be a challenge. I just can’t cook something if it doesn’t sound good.
32. I enjoy the “idea” of gardening, but I am finding auto sprinklers are a MUST especially with a western exposure.
33. I have embraced technology, but miss the “more hands on” ways of doing things.
34. The other day Sammie told me to “hit pause” while I was talking so she could ask me a question.
35. I love the fact that Ben still wants me to tuck him in at night and I know that will be ending soon as he becomes a “tween”.
36. I tend to live in C.H.A.O.S, but I am working on it. This is the summer of decluttering and organization.
37. Sometimes I forget what I was talking about mid sentence, but I never forget a face and my mind is a steel trap for any useless trivia I can find.
38. It has NEVER rained on my birthday. Today will be the test since we have had a week of straight rain, but I woke up to sun breaks so I'm optimistic.


Meg said...

Happy Birthday! I so enjoyed reading your 38 things. Thanks for sharing.

Marie said...

OMG #26 shocked me. I am a HUGE
Thirtysomething fan. I have the series on DVD pre-ordered and I still have VHS tapes of episodes that I pull out and watch. It was my favorite show for the few short years that it was on and I feel cheated that it ended so aburptly that the story was not over yet. Ok. BTW happy birthday!!!!!

Kellie said...

Happy Birthday! I turned 38 this year too... I'm laughing at the "thirtysomething" reference as well. I loved that show. I always thought they had the greatest yuppie lives... The 38 things were fun and interesting -- great post!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday. It is great getting to know you via your blog.
Did you go out somewhere nice for dinner?