Monday, July 23, 2007

Twentysomething v. Thirtysomething

I was barely twentysomething when thirtysomething was on the air. I LOVED this show. I totally wanted to be Hope Steadman. A stay at home mom with great hair and an amazing house. Every Tuesday, I was glued to my tv. In college we had to watch in on a 12" black and white that didn't get the best picture, but we didn't care. I found this world fascinating. I figured in just a few short years this would be me and it was very exciting.
One of the things that I remember vividly is that I didn't get the Elliot and Nancy thing. I was irritated when episodes would focus on them. They seemed so messed up and it was draining to watch them. Fast forward 10 years...
As many TS fans know, finding this show on TV is nearly impossible. Every now and then it will have a brief run on a network and just as you get re-hooked, they yank it off the air. When Sammie was born we were trying to survive without cable. Unfortunately, one can only watch so many infomercials for Girls Gone Wild: Barely Legal during those 2am feedings. Joji being the peach that he is, somehow, someway, scored me most of the thirtysomething episodes on VHS. I was THRILLED!!!!
So now here I am, actually a thritysomething stay at home mom (trying to have good hair and still dreaming of the house with the big porch) watching my favorite show, but with a totally new set of eyes.
This time around I totally get Nancy and Elliot. They are the "real" ones. Their journey is the one that is real and honest. I LOVE Elliot. Hope and Michael now seems so hollow as people and really irritating (okay, Michael was always whinny and irritating, but he seemed even worse this time around).
For years there has been speculation as to when this show will come to DVD. Hopefully soon. I'm not a big "must own it on DVD" kind of gal, but you can bet I will be making room in the bookshelf for this.


Marie said...

OMGosh, they say great minds think alike....same topic of posts today!! Too funny!!!

Decorating Queen said...

Hello Laurie,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the warm welcome. :-) Nice to read it. Nicole

Jenny said...

Hi. I have never seen this show. Maybe it was not screened in Australia. Sounds like something I might have been into though.
A show that I recently bought on DVD is "Once and Again". It was shown here on lunchtime tv (catering for those stay at home mums) and I loved it, so I found it on ebay and bought it.
I'm glad you like 'Calvin and Hobbes' too. It is not often I meet someone else who reads comics.