Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Karma v. Craigslist

Well, another week has slipped away and I'm glad to say it was a very productive one. Joji had Wednesday-Sunday off and we spent it cleaning out the garage. I had no idea what we were getting into.
We have a two car garage that only holds one car. When I was trying to be a good girlfriend I bought Joji a table saw (what was I thinking?) It seemed like a good idea at the time, I figured I would have my own personal Norm Abrams. Well, I'm still waiting for him to show up, but the table saw now has a permanent home on "my side" of the garage. Now in order to maximize the opportunity of woodworking greatness, we had to tackle the garage and make it a space that was actually conducive to creativity and project completion. At first Joji was not really into spending the weekend shuffling boxes, but eventually saw the light. I think we touched every item in that garage and we purged and purged some more. I also channelled my inner Kindergarten teacher and organized everything into "zones". After three 8 hour days, a trip to the dump and a couple of trips to Goodwill, we have achieve garage Nirvana. This of course has inspired a similar purge of the rest of the house. Now here is where I always get stuck: What do I do with my "good stuff"??
I have many closets full of nice bedding, dishes, cookware and other "house" things. I feel like I should put stuff on Craigslist. We find stuff on there all the time. Just last night I found a solid, heavy wood captain's bed for Ben for $40. (You couldn't even buy the wood to make it for that) I love craigslist and always have great luck finding stuff. Which makes me think I should list my stuff on craigslist. However, I really just want to donate it and be done. I find really good stuff when I go thrifting so my rationale is that I would be passing along some good karma for future trips :0)
So I guess I will bite the bullet and load up the van. The only problem now is where to donate? It creeps me out to see my stuff on the shelves, so I have to donate to an out of the way place. Of course, I will have to do a little pre-donation shopping :0)


primitive home said...

Why don't you put your stuff on your blog & see who's interested. I am always looking for a bargain!

Jenny said...

I love it. There is nothing like a good purge and declutter.
I have started a business with a friend doing that sort of thing.
I clean out our garage every 6 months. In that period stuff seems to accumulate again!! Perhaps because I move it out from the house to the garage so the house is less cluttered.
I have never heard of craiglist. Interesting.
What nationality/background is your husband?

Felicia said...

You will feel so much better after you let all that stuff go :)


Kellie said...

We have a two-car garage and can't park in it either. Because I do have a Norm Abrams husband, and the garage is his working area. In the winter, we clean it up, and he attempts to fit everything in the back and sides of it like a massive jisaw puzzle or Tetris game. Then we carefully move in the cars with no room to spare. Of course, there's nothing we can get rid off -- it's mostly woodworking tools, like various saws... It's a nightmare.
But I'm with you -- one good purge and organizational afternoon can lead to many more, if you use the momentum. So load up that car!

Marie said...

I know what you mean, I have boxes of stuff that is too good to give away and yet I don't have the time or energy to have a yard sale...so there it stays in the basement taking up precious space! Oh, well, maybe Craigslist is the place for me....