Thursday, July 12, 2007

Boys and Manners

Every month, Joji has the boys over. I take my wifely duties very seriously and I really take a lot of pride in putting out a big spread. Typical menus include 2 rounds of appetizers (pre dinner and midnight) some type of manly meat dish with a couple of sides and dessert. I really enjoy doing it, however, it does take a little planning and prep. Whenever I am planning a more fancy-ish meal (this week were going to have Bloody Mary London Broil)I like to get a headcount. I HATE running out of food so I like to be prepared. I usually send out an email and ask the guys to let me know who is coming. This time around the wives had been invited as well, which could potentially add 5 more folks for dinner (not a big deal, all were welcome, I just want to have enough food) So today is Thursday and only half of the folks responded. Joji got a response from one of the guys who said that so and so never responds, but you know they are most likely to come. Joji responded (and I quote)"I would expect a reply one way or the other when a specific request is made for head count. So, I'm cancelling for this session." Wow, I can't believe he said that. Of course, I was thinking that, but I was very proud of him and it made me feel like he really appreciates what I do for him and his friends.
Thanks for sticking up for me :0)

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Marie said...

Totally one of my pet peeves. I am having a huge party for my DH at the end of July for his birthday and I have to ASSUME that most of the people I invite are coming since no one RSVP's except my family. How freakin hard is it to give me a call (I gave them the # on the invite) or shoot me an email (they can do that when they are sending me tons of junk email). So I can feel your pain. I put on huge (way too much food) spreads to and I know that it helps a lot to know how is coming and how many people I will be feeding!!!