Monday, July 16, 2007

Wanted: Den Leader

This may sound like a "grumpy old man", but I feel bad for the youth today. Ben is a cub scout. This will be his third year. He really likes it and I think it is important for him to learn this kind of stuff. I was in Campfire (Wo-He-Lo) and also enjoyed it. I think kids need to go through the process of learning something that is turning into lost knowledge. I know that everyone may not be a fan of the boy scouts (I don't agree with everything either), but our pack is full of really nice families and kids. Although it may all come to an end.
The folks who have been leading our den for the last 2 years are done. Can't blame them, our den is huge and it is a lot of work. So now the search is on for a new den leader. Joji has NO interest in doing it. He came to the US in third grade and they don't have a Japanese scouting program so he just doesn't get it. Sadly, there really isn't anyone in the den stepping up. I would do it, but I can't. My other commitments are too big this year(co-op preschool board president and exec. PTA board member). I would hate to see an activity that does not focus on any electric boxes (wii, xbox, gameboy, etc....)be lost because nobody is willing to do it.
Boy scouts, to me, seem like what all good little American boys do. It is very "apple pie". I love how they look in their little uniforms and idea of service. Be Prepared and Leave No Trace are good things for kids to learn.
Oh well, maybe we can adopt a co-operative approach and have everyone share the load. I could do that so maybe others would be willing as well.


Kellie said...

I completely understand your plight. This fall I'm undertaking a scouting venture of my own -- another mother and I are starting a Daisy Girl Scout troop for our daughters. At least the other mother has scout leader experience from her older daughters. I was a scout as a child, so I want that for my daughter. But I know it's going to be a lot of work. Good luck recruiting a new leader!

Jenny said...

Hi Laurie Anne. It would be very rare for Syney to have snow. In fact, my husband grew up in Sydney, and had never seen snow until we travelled overseas and were in Switzerland. I think we were about 23 at the time.
If Sydneysiders want to see snow, it involves driving south for a six hours, or to the Blue Mountains which are located 1 1/2 hours to the west of Sydney - and that is only one or two times each Winter, and not a heavy fall., we don't have snow days.

There is supposed to be a magical temperature we reach in Summer, when kids are sent home because it is too hot. I think it only happened once in my childhood. It reached 45 degrees celcius, and was in the days on no airconditioning.

Marie said...

I did Cub Scouts with my son for a couple of years. It was a lot of work, but so worth it!!! The problem truly is that there is only a handful of parents willing to help so it is a full time job for any leader to take on. Good luck finding one, I hope the kids get one soon, don't want them to loose out on a good thing.