Friday, July 13, 2007


This is how I feel today. Despite my decluttering efforts (6 more bags have left the house in the last 24 hours and there are 2 more for tomorrow) I can't see any difference. Well that is not true, there definately areas of "ahhhhhhhh", but they are surrounded by "ughhhhhh". I'm trying all my "flylady" tricks (work for 15 minutes, work clockwise...) but it still seems like I'm bailing water with a teaspoon. I think the heat isn't helping, it is in the 80-90's. Before you groan, just know that is REALLY hot for Western Washington and our AC is on the fritz. Oh well, enough porcrastinating. I guess I will try and fill a few more bags. I know it feels good when the stuff is gone (a decluttered house always feels cooler) it is just peeling your melting self off the couch to do get going.
This just in... my mother and sister in law are on their way over to visit. Here is my little motivation to get going. They are even bringing dinner :0)
PS Brownie points for anyone who can name who is in the drawing :0)

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Felicia said...

Keep plugging away at it! You will see improvement when you're least expecting it :)