Saturday, April 12, 2008

Acorns and Roasts and Baseball, Oh my

I survived yesterday. Just barely, but overall it was a pretty good day. I remembered to go the appreciation assembly at Ben's school. Joji came home early and that was a TOTAL lifesaver. It ended up being just me and Lily (not that Sam and Enz would not have sat quietly in the bleachers with the little hands folded, but I'm sure the idea of playing in the backyard was more appealing.)
I knew I was getting recognized since I am on the PTA executive board. It is so rewarding to work hard for an organization for 4 years, hear how wonderful you are and then have the principal not only butcher you last name, but give up half way through and tell the crowd "I never get it right anyway". I guess it shouldn't worry me that an educator cannot read a name that is pronounced phonetically. (insert a BIG eye roll)
After that I was getting ready to leave. Lily was climbing out of the backpack and it was a million degrees in the gym. They were handing our the Golden Acorn Awards and I wanted to stay and cheer for my friend Liz who was getting one. After they called her name, they started with the next recipient.
Now for some reason the committee likes to do a little "This is your life" thing before they announce who won. I'm not sure why they do this. Who cares where you grew up. Who cars what your hobbies are. This is a service award, not a personal ad. Anyway, when they started off with she grew up in FW. I knew it was me. After the 5 minute recap of my childhood, they got to the portion where they listed my service. I gotta say, felt a little proud. I do a lot for my kids' schools. I do it because I enjoy it. Even though it does cause a bit of stress for me every now and then (or everyday, right Joj), I feel strongly that if you want change you have to be wiling to help make it happen. Next year, both Ben and Sam will be at Browns Pt. and I'm sure I will be up there all the time. Although my goal for next year is to cut back and only take on projects that I really enjoy. We will see how that goes...
Once Lauriefest was over, I had to get going on the DND dinner. I thought I had picked an easy meal. I thought I had planned accordingly, but that was not the case. I really need a double oven. I guess I didn't realize that everything had to be baked. Not only baked but all at different temps. And to top things off the 80 minute roast took 2 and half hours. It was a good thing that I had apps already to go. I made the Jimmy Dean meatballs in apple butter I saw on Jolen's blog and although they sounded sketchy, they are very good. Better yet, super easy. Once 9:00 rolled around, the food was ready. The boys got Garlic & Rosemary Rubbed Porkloin Roast, Scalloped Potatoes, Homemade Bread with butter and roasted garlic (note to self: roast more garlic~yummy!!) and a big Spinach Salad. I went to get the camera because the spread looked pretty good, but got sidetracked mid route and you know how that goes. Oh well, Even though it is a lot of work to pull off these dinners the guys are so appreciative. Plus they will eat anything and more than willing to be my recipe Guinea pigs.

To cap of my night, the M's beat the Angels. It was a great game. How can you not LOVE RAUUUUUUUL Ibanez?? He is one of my favorite M's. I was so sad when he was traded to KC a few years ago. But he is back now and doing great. He is my favorite kind of player: quiet, humble and oh so talented. If only my "Big Sexxy" Richie Sexxon would get going. I guess not chasing those low and aways with a 3-2 count is a start, but this is his contract year and he needs to start doing some damage if he want to stay in Seattle.
In other baseball news... with 38 minutes until game time, Ben just now informs me he is unable to squat in his baseball pants since they are too tight. Lovely. I guess a trip to Big 5 is in our very near future. Being the mean mom that I am, I'm making him wear them and tough it out. I want to see if he tells Coach Ted that he can't play due to a wardrobe issue. He won't and he will be fine. This is Ben's first "kid pitch" game more affectionate referred to as HELL. Should be interesting, just hope Ben does well and doesn't' take another pitch on the chin.

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