Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh the drama

Okay, so I know I've mentioned that my preschool adventure has been a bit eventful over the last few weeks, but yesterday took the cake. Try as I might I try and avoid drama (I can hear the snickers, but I really do try) However, I am the kind of person who doesn't like to see people upset and I do try and "fix" things when I can. Last night, I had just about had it. I had spent the entire weekend on the phone (with the exception of the 2 hours I spent sitting in a hail storm during Ben's baseball game) and I was done. I couldn't talk about stuff any more. So I just made one more phone call to the person at the heart of it all. I'm sure glad I did. It was a great conversation, so much got cleared up and now (knock on wood) everything is better or at least in a MUCH better place. It is amazing how much damage a person can do, simply because their feelings are hurt and they are feeling left out. It boggles the mind. Anyway, I'm feeling much better and the key players are feeling better and I can now enjoy the remaining 3 weeks of my preschool career.
In other news, Ben got 2 hits last night. He was very proud. Since the kids pitch, there are a lot of strike outs and walks. It is rare the ball actually gets hit into play. Ben is 3 for 5 this season which is pretty good. We really need to have some decent weather for the games. Although it didn't hail last night, it was cold and the poor kids were freezing out there. Our next game is Saturday morning at 9 which means Ben needs to be there at 8:30. Ugh, that will be tough. Joji flies out of town that morning so I will be solo. Hopefully it will be decent weather (how Washingtonian is that? We don't hope for good weather, just not awful weather)
Oh well, I can hear birds singing today and I see some sun, so maybe it will be a nice day. I might even get my tomatoes in the ground, how fun is that? :0)

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