Friday, April 11, 2008

New Digs

Just a quick post today. (It is 5:25 and I'm already running late)
But I did just want to send a quick shout out to Amber over at Shabbee Chick Designs for doing my bloggie revamp. I love it!!
If you are thinking your blog could use a pick me up, she is your gal: nice, creative and super speedy. Seriously, treat yourself and your blog and check her out and tell her Laurie Anne sent you :0)
Okay, so I just had to share my impending day of crazy. (Disclaimer: I am not complaining, I just find it funny how when it rains it pours)
8:15ish Drop off Sammie at the Browns
8:30 Go do some testing at our local highschools (of course I'm out of materials and I need to pick up more before I can test)
11:00 Pick up Sammie as well as Enzo and Lilly. Make a quick stop at the store to pick up stuff for dinner. Just found out that ALL of the DND boys are showing up what and what I had origanally planned (a big Cobb salad) won't be enough food. That is okay, plan B is pork loin and scallopped potatoes, just as easy.
2:00 Volunteer Appreciation Assmebly at Ben's school. I hope I remember to go. I might have to have Joji call and remind me.
4:00ish Enzo and Lily get picked up and DND guys start showing up.
Hopefully, I will be able to get some housework done as well. For some reason it seems a little easier to get stuff done when Enz and Lily are over. They are so good and they keep Sam occupied and since Lily is little I can't be online. It is amazing how much more time I find during the day when I'm not blogging :0)
Okay, so much for my quick post. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm predicting a very early night for me since tomorrow is Ben's first baseball schrimage and then I'm off to help build shelves at the preschool :0)


Marie said...

Love the new look! Of course, who wouldn't love blue! Haha! Have a great weekend, hope you can slow down enough to take a breath!

Timi said...

Love the new look! I e-mailed her this morning to see if she could help me out. Yours looks great!
We are suppose to finally get some sun here in Washington this weekend enjoy it!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Jenny said...

I love the new look blog.
As you know, I love blue - it looks great.