Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I find a lot of comfort in the fact that blogland seems to be a little slow these days. Many it seems are feeling less inspired to write as blogs go unupdated for longer than usual. That makes me feel less lame. I am also finding a lot of bloggers share their challenges of wanting to create an interesting blog that folks want to read. I too struggle with this. When Amber did my blog design, she asked me about the blog and what was my purpose for the blog. That was kind of a toughie. I started reading blogs that were mostly about homes and decorating and then found the "mom" blogs. As to what kind of blog I have, well, I'm not sure. I wish I could feature beautiful vignettes from my home, but I don't think laundry piles count. I guess I'm a mom in the trenches kind of blog. The challenge with that is sometimes the trenches really suck. Like right now and it is hard to keep things in perspective. I know things get better, they always do, but the past few days have been unreal. Who know a PRESCHOOL could off up so much drama.
Anyway, I will try and look on the bright side of things. Today Ben has a game. Hopefully we won't play through another white out hail storm. Seriously, we chose baseball over soccer so we wouldn't have to play in crappy weather. Yesterday we had sun, then snow, then sun then hail. It is crazy!! At least we aren't up north where the snow is actually sticking. We have gone all year without a snow day and I really don't want one now. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a good snow day (I think even more than the kids) but I don't want summer vacation being pushed back at all. I can see the end and it is near (not near enough)
Okay, that is all for this random post. Hopefully, things will get a little more interesting. Happy Tuesday everyone :0)


Marie said...

I have been so busy lately that keeping up with the blog is hard, but I do it when I have something to add, I don't feel pressured to post just anything. As far as the look of my blog I just add what I like and hope it all comes together. I think your blog looks great!!!

Anonymous said...

I've had a bit of writer's block lately too. Sometimes I bore myself silly and can't believe anybody could want to read anything I write.


Jenny said...

Hello... I have been reading, but< i'm sorry, I know nothing about baseball. I feel a bit lost.
I do know what you mean about "What is your blog all about?" though. I think mine changes with my mood, and what I have been doing lately.
I wanted to tell you - I caught up with the "old flame" I was telling you about sometime ago. I eventually found him via Google. He lives somewhere around Pulyup (did I spell that right?). Do you know where that is?

debra said...

I wonder if we started showing pictures of the laundry piles would it catch on? I bet we are not alone. :) We are going out of town this weekend and I have a huge basket of (clean) clothes by the washer. I considered putting it away before we leave but haven't yet - too many socks for me to deal with now. I hate leaving the house a mess when we leave.
I haven't written a ton lately as you can tell. Maybe next week I will get back in the swing of things and find something fun to write about. Have a great weekend.

Kellie said...

I totally understand this post, as life has been sooo busy. I think spring fever and the end of the school year has many of us moms running ragged.

And I also understand the "purpose." Home dec blogs had me hooked, and that was my intention, but it has turned into something more about just ... life!