Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dreaming of spring...

I know that 2008 isn't even a week underway, but I am starting to develop a slight case of spring fever. I was a bad girl and did not get any new bulbs planted this fall, so I hope some of my old bulbs made it through for another season.
Last year, I planted some sweet peas. Ever since I saw a story on the old (or should I say "vintage") Martha where she visited a sweet pea patch that was insane. The woman had a large plot with a bunch of trellises 7 feet tall and loaded with sweat peas. Amazing.

My luck with them is kind of hit or miss. (These pics are from my small crop last year)I suppose I should breakdown and actually do some research on the best planting conditions. My good friend told me you are supposed to sow the seeds on President's day so that is my plan this year. Where exactly I will plant them is TBA. I still have some (okay, a lot) of clean up left to do. The sun is out today and I guess it is as good of time as any :0)


Marie said...

It's so funny you posted this, I just dragged my gardening books out and am starting my gardening list of to-dos and my want list. I spend a considerable time in the spring getting ready to garden, planning and planting my seeds and designing where they will go in the gardens...last year was a bust because of my work schedule, but this year is gonna be different!!! Good luck with the sweet peas, I love them!!!

Kellie said...

I thought you were supposed to plant them on St. Patrick's Day, but it could be different here in the Northeast. I love them too, but I'm always hit or miss when growing anything from seed except sunflowers and morning glories. Good luck!

Jenny said...

Hi. I love sweet peas too. In Australia the day to plant them is St Patrick's Day. As you previous commenter said.
I just looked on Google maps as to where Tacoma is. I have a lovely friend (Australian) who married an American (have I told you this before?) and they live in Seattle, so I thought I would look where Tacoma was in relation to that.
Also, and this is a bit of a blast from the past, I had a 'thing' with a guy when travelling in 1987 and googled his name this morning, and he works in Bellevue! Small world. (I think it is him. I know he lived in Renton way back then, and the picture I found of him on the website looks like him years on.)