Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday, Monday

Can't believe it is Monday already.
I have to say though, I had a GREAT weekend. All we did was hang out with friends. On Friday, we went to the Zimmermans for a little BBQ trial run. Every year they host a 4th of July party and Bob was testing out his new smoker. We had brisket and homemade bread, yummy. Usually the Z's drive down to our neck of the woods and it was so nice to go up there and let Jessica play hostess (she is very good at it) They kids ran around, the boys gamed and Jessica and I just sat and chatted. We have the best conversations :0)
Since most of the DND guys were also having dinner up there, I took the opportunity to do a little baking. I have had cupcakes on the brain and I have been doing a little research on local "cupcake" shops. It is interesting to see what flavors are offered and how much they charge. $2.50 seems to be the standard cupcake price. I love the "idea" of a little bakery. Something like the "barefoot contessa", but the reality is not as fun. If I had a bunch of money laying around, lots of minions to do all the not fun work and all I had to do was show up frost some cupcakes and schmooze customers I would be all over it. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be in the cards right now, maybe later, but not now. I did decide that I would do a little cupcake baking and try out some different flavors. I made 4 batches of cupcakes: Mocha, lemon, cranberry and Dr. Pepper. I saw the Dr. Pepper one on a couple of websites and thought I would try it. It was okay, definitely needed more tweaking. I must say, after all that baking and "quality control", I'm a little cupcaked out. Oh well, I did manage to finish my little hand towel. I can't wait to make more. Quick and easy, my kind of project.
Anyhoo, it was a very late night on Friday (we hit the sack around 2:30 am) and we were looking forward to a nice slothy Saturday. Our friend Matt called and wanted to know if Joji could play. They spent the day doing all kinds of fun boy stuff like working on broken lawn movers, cutting up wood and playing with backhoes. The boy stuff then turned into sushi with the wives. We went over there and spent the evening laughing so hard we were crying. Another late night, but it was so much fun.
Sunday rolled around and it was definitely a quiet day. The kids had spent the night at Joji's mom's house so we got watch the football games (poor Farve) and catch up on our tivo.
When I was pregnant with Ben we went and saw a production of RENT. I was 29 and had never felt so "old and unhip". The movie RENT was on and I taped it thinking I might get it if I saw it again. Not really. Maybe it is the "westcoast" in me, but every musical sounds the same. It was okay, but not the life changing experience that others seemed to have. Oh well. I was also able to catch an episode of Mad Men. I loved it. I'm going to see if season one is out on DVD. I love movies/shows about the 50's. It is so interesting and the styling is so beautiful. I love how everything is so neat and tailored. Appearance was everything and makes for great eyecandy.
So now Monday has come and the kids are out of school. The sun is out and it is making me feel semi inspired to work in the yard. It is so much easier to putter when the sun is out. Today is also laundry day. I'm really tyring to get our closet under control. Maybe I'll post a couple of pics when I'm done (nothing like a little blogging accountability to help motivate)
Well, I'm off to get to busy before the motivation wears off.
Happy Monday everyone!! :0)


Kellie said...

Yeah! You watched "Mad Men"! Yeah!
I so love that show and all the "eye candy," as you put it. I wish I could look that put together every day, but it's a different era now. I don't think Season One is out yet, but maybe you can find episodes online. I'm sure they will rerun the season again this spring because hopefully the second season will be out again this summer.
(I saw "Rent" in my 20s and loved it, loved it. But I know people who didn't like it. Just one of those things, I guess... Or maybe it's my "East Coast" thing!)

Kellie said...

And now I'm tagging you!!!!

Marie said...

I wanted to get so much done on Monday and while I woke up so motivated I somehow hurt my back and I was in so much pain I was in bed with the heating pad and only go vacuuming done. I am so bummed about it.