Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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Kellie over at Acorn Cottage had tagged me, so here it goes

1. 4 Jobs I Have Had:
· Swimming Instructor and Lifeguard: 2 of the best jobs EVER!! Where else do you get paid to tan? I spent 10 summers basically living at the pool with my friends.
· “Concessions Slime” at the mall theaters. I worked candy counter a whole year and was never promoted to the box office. The manager told me I was too flakey to work the box office. The best part of the job was the free popcorn. Everyone said you would get sick of it, but not me.
· Morrow’s Nut House. After my year at the theaters, I got a job at the candy shop that was kitty corner to the theaters. This was a GREAT job. It was prime people watching and everyone would come by and say hi while waiting for their movie. The down side was my addiction to macadamia nuts and Swedish fish. I also worked there for about a year and when “House of Almonds” bought us, the manager “forgot” to tell the new management that I worked there. I guess she didn’t like it when I called her stupid for only having 2 girls work on the day after Thanksgiving (Hello, busiest shopping day of the year????)
· Bartender. I worked at a local tavern/ card room for about a year and half after I graduated from college. It was fun, but having a front row seat to people’s addictions is kind of a downer.
2. 4 Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again:
· Sixteen Candles: I know this movie by heart and quote is at least once a week. Classic, classic, classic John Hughes. Oh to be Samantha Baker and end up with Jake Ryan…
· Valley Girl: Young Nick Cage, great music and teen angst. Classic boy meets girl, boy looses girl, boy storms the prom and gets the girl.
· Bull Durham: I love this movie. Susan Sarandon is amazing, Kevin Costner is in his prime and Tim Robbins is so clueless. This is another movie that we quote a lot, especially during baseball season.
· Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House: My favorite line is when Carey Grant asks “How do the kids just starting out who aren’t making 15, 000 a year have a chance to purchase a home?” Anyone who has ever had to deal with contractors can appreciate the Blanding family’s misadventures.
Other movies that would be on this list: Spinal Tap: When I first saw this movie I thought it was about a real band, but I just couldn’t get past the fact that one of the guys looked a lot like Lenny from Lavern and Shirley. Young Frankenstein: Best Mel Brooks movie ever. Funny from start to finish.
3. 4 Places I Have Lived:
· Federal Way, Washington
· Tacoma, Washington
· Ellensburg, Washington
4. 4 People I E-mail Daily
· I don’t really email the same folks daily, I do comment on some blogs pretty regularly.
5. 4 Favorite Things to Eat
· Fresh fruit. Strawberries, grapes, watermelon, plums, nectarines and cherries are my favorites
· Potatoes: Hard to pick my favorite way to fix them, they’re al good
· Steak: We have a friend who manages a restaurant and when we go see him I always order fillet minion. It is so good; I love how it melts in your mouth.
· Salad. I practically lived off the Pizza Hut salad bar in college. I’m a little OCD about how I make them, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, cheese, ranch, bacon bits, sunflower seeds and tomatoes and I could eat these everyday. I’m also addicted to taco salad. Taco Time is my favorite.
6. 4 Places I Would Rather Be:
· On the swing on the front porch of my grandfathers house
· By the pool soaking up the sun
· Kid free with my girlfriends enjoying some cocktails
· Getting a pedicure
7. 4 Things I Look Forward To This Year:
· Going to Orlando in April. Boeing is sending Joji to some swanky hotel for a conference and I get to tag along. I’m looking forward to the pool.
· Taking the kids to Disneyland. We are going in October and I’m so excited. I’m the only one who has been before. My “musts” for Disneyland include: Submarine ride, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, It’s a small world, Jungle boat ride, Space mountain, getting a silhouette on Main Street and Mickey Mouse ears with you name sewn on the back.
· Continuing to work on getting into smaller clothes
· Hopefully painting the house this summer. Our house is a pinkish taupe and I don’t like it. I want to paint it a bluish gray, with sage shutters, white trim and a cranberry door.
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Meg said...

Fun lists! I enjoyed reading your answers.

Jenny said...

I love the colours you want to paint your house. Please post a picture when it is done!
These 'tags' are a great way to learn more about blog friends.
I'll do mine tomorrow.