Monday, January 28, 2008

Miss Mina & yesteryear

Yesterday, Sammie went to a princess birthday party for her friend Zoe who was turning 3. Sammie was so excited to dress up. Of course, the "princess dresses" are not very warm so we busted out my mom's fox stole (Miss Mina). It is so soft and toasty. It has been to many proms, so why not a tea party? It was a big hit, everyone loved petting it. The dad was a little bummed it wasn't sporting the head and feet though :0)
It is funny how trends change. It used be everyone who was anyone had a fur. Now fur it a wee bit "incorrect". Speaking of days gone by, I caught another episode of "MAD MEN" and it was so funny to watch. There was a scene where the kids are playing "spaceman" and one of them is running around inside a dry cleaning bag. The kid was immediately scolded for emptying the bag, not the potential suffocation risk. There was another scene where the mom was driving and the kids are crawling all over. Even when she crashes the car and the kids are flown across the back seat it was all fun. I remember putting 12 campfire girls in my friends station wagon. We were all over the place and her mom never even raised and eyebrow. It is amazing we lived to tell :0)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, you have reminded me about how, as teenagers, we used to cram as many kids as we could possibly fit into any car our parents would let us use. Yikes!

Sammie looks great in Miss Mina. Very glam.


WSU Laura said...

I love the stole, perfect for a tea. I just got a fur from my mom that she found at a vintage clothing shop. Although not PC I love it, and I feel like I am recycling it. Thanks for your comment on my blog. My brother graduated from Central too.