Thursday, January 17, 2008


People always ask me "when am I going back to work". I miss working, but I'm afraid I've been away long enough to forget how much stamina is needed. Yesterday and today I was gone all day and I'm totally shot.
Yesterday was a rare day. Sam had school and then a play date. I was free for a good 5 hours. I went into town to pick up a few things and of course, I seemed to buy everything else except what I was looking for. I went to TJMAXX to a get one of those cotton bins for Joji's mail. For the past six months, they have had a TON of different colors and designs. I was really hoping for a blue and white toile. Surely they would have it. Nope, not one. grrrrr so off to Target.
Well, of course when you walk in you have to walk past their dollar section and of course, you have to take a peek at stuff you don't need, but for a dollar you figure couldn't hurt. I was almost free and clear when something caught my eye, cotton dish towels. Now normally, I would not have given them a second look, but I was reading on some random blog (you know how that goes... a click, click here and a click, click there) and the girl had the sweetest little embroidery projects. One was a cotton kitchen towel with a little cupcake on it. I have a thing for cupcakes. I also like to embroider. However, my attention span is not very long, so this little design instantly appealed to me. As I was reading the post, I thought to myself, where would you find plain cotton dish towels? Target's dollar section apparently. They had the best baby blue ones and so I grabbed them. Last night I sketched out a cupcake, dug out my colored floss and went to town. I'm almost done. I think I will finish it tonight and post a pic tomorrow.
Back to Target...they didn't have those bins either, but of course, I left with other stuff. I truly believe it is physically impossible to leave that store empty handed. I have yet to do it. There is so much stuff there and they clearance stuff gets me every time. Anyhoo, since they didn't have what I was looking for I was forced to go to 4 more stores. I finally found something I liked and of course it was at the last store which was closest to home. Figures.
By the time I got home from all that running around it was after 4:00 (I had left the house at 9:00) and I was pooped. When Joji came home he immediately wanted to know what was for dinner. Just as I was going to say something really exciting like sandwiches, the phone rang and it was my girlfriend who suggested we go out for dinner :0) Dinner was a blast, but we didn't get home until 7:30. A long day indeed. Today was no better, I worked in Sam's class and Ben's class, ran a couple of quick errands and returned home 6 hours later. Yup, I'm pooped.
If I'm this exhausted after shopping and doing fun stuff, I'm not sure I have the stamina to keep up with a groups of Kindergartners, let alone keep my house running. Nope, I think I will linger in "stay at home" land a little longer.


Marie said...

I have been saying for the last few months that I am busier now than when I was at the job from hell. It is a much better busy and I am much happpier with what I am doing, but I am pooped at the end of the day! SAHM... what is that??? Haha!

Anonymous said...

So funny. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished tea towel.


Kellie said...

People always ask me that too -- as if being a Mom full-time doesn't count. But who will watch the kid after school and summers? And I think I'm busier now than when I worked, in a way...
And Target, evil Target... I know all about that one...

Jenny said...

I'd love to visit an American Target store. I'm sure you guys have more homeware stuff in your Target than we do in ours.
Looking forward to seeing the tea towels.