Sunday, January 27, 2008

Home again, home again jigity jig

I'm back from my little getaway and it was such a good time.
We stayed here and it was such a cool and funky place, I definitely want to go back. The hotel was an old "farm for the indigent" and each room is dedicated to the former residents and employees. The decor is somewhere between craftsman proper and HS art class, very funky. The rooms don't have bathrooms in them so it just like being back in the dorms. Holly had the good/bad fortune of catching some dude trying to make a quick bathroom run sans clothing, yup just like the dorms.
Since Holly and I could not find the girls we were meeting up with, we just hit the pool hall for some refreshments. It was funny to be back at a "meat market". It was pretty tame one, but still made for some good people watching. Even though we missed the concert (one of the reasons for the trip in the first place) we finally found our friends and still had a great time just sitting and talking. There were no kids to keep occupied or bored husbands, just girls and good fashioned girl talk~ slumber party quality girl talk :0)
The only bummer of the trip was that the next day was grey and dumping. We had planned to explore the grounds more, all of the outbuildings had been converted to restaurants, spas, art studios, etc, and maybe go into Portland and do a little sight seeing. I was hoping to check out some of the "cottage communities" I have read about, but no dice. We were also starting to get calls from the husbands "checking in" translation: come home.
We hit the wet road and made the drive back home. It was fun, but I'm tired and am looking forward to going to be early tonight. We are definitely going back, can't wait.

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