Friday, January 25, 2008

Was a sunny day...

There are just some days when you wake up and you know it is going to be a great day. Today is that kind of day.
First of all the sun is out!!! Western Washington, gray and gloomy~ not today. It is crisp cold and blue sky for miles. We live very close to the Cascade foothills, so on a clear day you can see them. Since we are also on the water, you can see the Olympic Mountains. They are bright white with fres snow and just pop off that blue sky. I had to work today for a couple of hours and I took the convertible. On my home I had the tunes cranked and when Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf came on, I had to pull over and put the top down. So much fun. I love driving when you hit a good run of songs. If that was my day, I would be pleased, but there is more...
In just a few hours, I'm getting the heck out of Dodge and me a couple of girlfriends are going down to Oregon. There is a brewery just outside of Portland. We are going to a concert and then kick back and enjoy ourselves. Best part, NO KIDS!!! Some might remember my last "girls weekend", this should be much better.
As I'm frantically getting ready to go (and take a little blogging break) I'm listening to a mix "tape" (Joji was a sweetie and burned it on CD) that we unearthed cleaning out the closet. Every year in college, my roommate and I would make a tape of all the songs that we listened to over and over during that year. Talk about a flood of memories. With the first note of each song, I'm instantly back in Ellensburg in our basement apartment. We had pretty eclectic music tastes so we have everything from B-52, Van Morrison, Go-gos even Elvis and Sinatra made the cut. So much fun, I haven't heard some of these songs in years.
Well, it is 3:00 here and the plan is to leave just after 4:00. I made a pot roast for dinner tonight so the husbands won't have to eat out. I got the recipe from the Pioneer Woman cooks. The house smells great, I hope it tastes good :0)
Wishing you all a great Friday!!!

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Have a great weekend!