Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hump Day

Well, I have made through half of my CRAZY week and so for it has gone very well. Staff appreciation is chugging right along. Today was "Spa Day". We brought in fruit, cheese and crackers (you just have to LOVE Trader Joes) we also had seated massage and paraffin dips. I wish we could of had the massage folks there all day so that more people could have taken advantage of it, maybe next year. I was so bummed that our wonderful office staff was unable to be pampered, but there was a fire somewhere close by and the playground had to be evacuated. Guess who got to watch the kiddos?? Yup, the poor office staff. I might have to bake a special batch of cookies for them to make up for it.

Last night was my last official board meeting at the co-op. As of next Thursday I will no longer be a co-op mom. It will be weird, Norhtpoint has been a HUGE part of my life for the past 7 years. However, I'm ready to have both kids at one school. Usually the last board meeting is short and fun. I guess our board missed that memo because the "business" part took forever!! I just loved how we would spend 30 minutes discussing something and then vote and then have someone raise their hand and want to reopen the discussion. I had to tell people we weren't going back. What kills me is we spent 30 minutes agreeing to have the board retreat in June. Oy. Overall it was a nice meeting. I got a beautiful tree rose and some Gerber daisies. I love getting plants. I also felt that I will actually be missed despite all the headaches this year. I truly believe all the junk we had to put up with was for the good in the long run. Non-profits are a tricky beast and when you constantly have new folks it makes it even harder. I'm just glad my friend Maura will be one of the presidents next year. She will keep the heart and soul of the co-op going strong which is so important to balance against the "business" of it.

Today was also the third day in a row I have worked. Yikes, I don't think I could do this every day. While at Ben's school, a teacher asked me when I was going to be available to sub. Ugh, subbing. I told her I would sub next year. I figure with Sammie in all day K, it couldn't hurt. I would only do K-1 and only at Browns Pt. I never had to sub when I was younger. I got a job right away. The idea of walking into a classroom where I knew none of the kids scares me to death. At least at BP, I know a lot of kids, so hopefully that would help. I have always gone in and done activities with Ben's classes, so I'm not completely rusty and it is fun to "play" teacher. Who knows, it might make me want to go back to teaching sooner. I doubt it. Good subs are few and far between so I'm sure I could pick up enough days to make it interesting. Besides a little extra cash would be nice. We have a goal to be totally debt free (minus houses and GET) in 5 years or less. Nothing would feel better than being debt free.

Okay, enough rambling... I should probably get off the computer and tidy up before Joj gets home. I have no idea what to fix for dinner. I wish I was one of those "make a meal plan and stick to it" kind of gals, but I'm not. I think it will be a raid the pantry kind of night. Sloppy Joes anyone??
Happy Wednesday :0)

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Jenny said...

Hi. I do some 'subbing', or casual teaching on the days I am not officially teaching. It is great money. And an easy day if the regular teacher leaves the work.

It is great that you are moving on to a new phase of life. Enjoy!