Saturday, May 3, 2008

When it rains it pours...

Oh it has been crazy busy around here. Can I tell you I can not wait for the end of next week. Next week I have my final board meeting as the co-op president (I'm hoping it is fun, should be but you never know), I'm in charge of the week long "Staff Appreciation Fest". Seriously, a whole week?? I have been getting panicked emails from room mothers who weren't aware they were supposed to conduct a week long celebration for their teacher. I only agreed to chair it since I wanted to cut things back (and we did)but it still is a lot. It is sooo over the top, but such is life in BP. And last but certainly not least, I'm working.

I agreed to help with the end of the year assessments for my old district. There are like a million kids that need to be tested. Hopefully, it will go well. It should, it usually does, it is just seems like a pretty daunting task. At least with the testing there will be a nice little paycheck at the end. Joji is much more tolerant of me being busy when they is an actual "payout". Next year, Sam will be in K all day so child care won't be such a headache making it easier to pick up a few more hours here and there. Money is good.

Joji is working today, bummer. He will miss yet another of Ben's games. The season is chugging along. Our last game was against a team that I really wanted to beat. The coach is so whiny and is kind of "win at all costs" kind of guy. I'm so glad Ben wasn't on his team. It ended up a tie, but the coach told his team that they won on a technicality. Whatever. He just bugs me. I don't care for whiny and especially when it comes from 40something dudes. Anyway, another interesting development this season is ump heckling. I have actually had to bite my tongue a couple of times. Now the umps are dads whose training consists of watching the baseball on tv. They do the best they can and of course they are going to make bad calls. At one game, this guy was all over the ump and it was a dad from his own team. I so wanted to say, "He is just a dad, doing the best he can and feel free to put on the gear and do it yourself". Of course, I wimped out, but I think I will sa something next time. Someone has to say something and hopefully it won't end up on Dateline: Sports parents out of control.

Ah yes, if I can just make it through the next couple of weeks. My girlfriend and I are seriously considering joining a local pool. I grew up at this pool and I always wanted to be a "pool mom". They would come down with kids and coolers at 1:00 and sit up on the upper deck smoking, gossiping and soaking up the sun while the lifeguards watched their kids. Ingenious!! Now that Sammie is old enough to be in the pool sans mommy this would be the perfect time. Another plus about this pool is that it is out of the neighborhood, so we can escape the local drama. Totally worth the 15 minute drive to a little poolside Nirvana.


WSU Laura said...

What is up with some of those parentS?! We have received a global e-mail about the conduct of a few parents screaming at the umps too???? I am all about the pool. When I was growing up we would live at the community pool all day. No such luck in my neighborhood now, in fact we are seriously thinking about putting in a pool. Have a great weekend and have fun at the game.

JACKet said...

Hey Laurie, i just read a comment of yours at Our Red House, on tradidtional foods. How is it that a school can specify only store bougth treats, not home made ones?
That just seems so crazy, my children never get store bought stuff in their lunch boxes, mind you they whinge about it :).
I enjoyed looking at your blog.
Have a good weekend.
Ps my kids play soccer.

Kellie said...

A week of staff appreciation? We have a staff appreciation luncheon (which is next week) at my daughter's school and I think that's over the top -- the PTO stresses about favors and favor bags and all that baloney.

No offense to teachers, but when I was working, no one ever gave me an "appreciation" anything. I think everything is over-the-top today, from birthday parties for kids to staff appreciations. Can't anything just be "simple" anymore?

Kudos to you for trying to scale things back. But good luck with that! I know what I'm uphill battle that can be.