Monday, May 19, 2008


So this weekend was quite a doozy. I was sick, sick, sick. I am feeling better today. I was actually able to go out and work for a few hours, but as soon as I got home I took one major nap. I'm out again tomorrow, but I have been actually able to eat, so I feel my strengthen slowly return.
(WARNING: Totally obnoxious girl comment) As much as I hate to admit it, there is nothing like a good stomach flu to help remotivate to old "eat better, move more" mind set. I watched this very interesting documentary on the BBC called "Super Skinny Me". It followed two journalist who were at healthy weights and put them on a six week crazy diet. The different diets where those made popular by Poshe and Liz Hurley. They were really pretty bad. The journalists goal was to reach a size double zero. I didn't know they had that. Needless to say, the girls were a mess. One became so weak and sick, she could not even open the doors at her work. The other became so obsessed with the project she was becoming bulimic. Kind of scary how quickly it began to consume them. Once the project was over they both decided that they were much happier eating.
This Saturday I will be doing a garage sale with some friends. I'm excited about the stuff that will be leaving my house. Of course, as stuff goes out, new stuff finds you and screams "YOU NEED ME"!! Case in point... I was reading some email and in the ad margin was an ad for these, ramikins by Spode.
How cute are they and they are soooo me. They are not very "spode" like, but I love polka dots and that color blue is my favorite. They would look so cute on my new hutch just hanging out and being all happy looking.

Speaking of stuff for the hutch, I did manage to hit a couple of local sales on Saturday. I got some screaming deals: Lu-ray creamer (I have the matching sugar bowl) $1. I got a vintage jewelry box with some great vintage jewelry included for $2 and a very cute class canister I haggled from $2 down to $1. My good friend Megan turns the big 40 this Saturday and I found this old song book from 1932 for $5. She is a music teacher and collects old music. I love how the title said the songs were for school and community. But my most screaming deal was this sweet little lamp shade for only 50 cents. I have the perfect lamp for it and now I just need a little harp. Not a bad day for only a $9.50.


Marie said...

Glad you are feeling better. Love the ramekins, love the blue color and the polka dots! Aren't yard sales the best. You got some great deals!!!

WSU Laura said...

OMG you got some great screaming deals. I love hitting garage sales but lately people are taking their stuff way to seriously up here in the north end. However, I did get some good stuff at a local rummage sale. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Lizzy Mae said...

I love, love love those ramekins! In fact, how cute would a whole china SET be in that polka-print?! Yummy. And I completely feel you one the whole "eating healthy after being sick" thing (doubles for after vacations, too).