Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One Wet Wednesday

Long gone is the sun.
I was nice while it lasted.
The rain was so fat today as I was driving home, I had to check the temp to make sure it wasn't snow. Actually, I'm kind of glad it is raining. All my little plants are enjoying getting all the water they need not to die. On my watch, it can be risky.
While driving home from Ben's game the other day we passed a HUGE terracotta pot with at "Free" sign on it. Of course I pulled over to snatch it up but it was WAY to heavy to lift. So I sent Joj and Ben back out for it and now it is sitting in my driveway. I'm not sure what to plant in it. It is in one of those weird spots where it might get some rain, but most likely I will have to remember to water it. Plus it is west facing so it gets the major afternoon heat. I would love to find a nice hardy, flowering vine that is very drought resistant. Suggestions?? When I mentioned my plan to plant some type of vine close to the house, Joji was less than thrilled. Stay tuned to see who wins this one.
I worked again today and it made me really miss teaching. I was pulling kids from the Kindergarten room and I just loved how cozy it was. I loved how there were books and poems and charts all over the walls and the little kids walking around with pointers reading them. I also loved the feeling the school had. I've always liked this school. There are a lot of elements that at this school that we had at my old school. (They even stole our mantra, but I decided to let that slide) One of the kids showed me her "bulldog leader" award button. She was so excited about earning that for being responsible, courteous and something else (I forgot what). She was just beaming with pride. Ben's school has nothing like that. Oh sure, they have a "student of the month" assembly. Each month "Webster defines _____ as..." and here are a list of kids who demonstrated it. Yawn. Kids don't beam at Ben's school.
I need school to be over. Our enrollment is declining and when approached today about starting an "Our school is great" campaign my response was "what's so great about it?" Yup, someone needs a wee break from school.
On the brighter side... I've started pulling things for the sale. Our goal is to make enough money for a sushi dinner after it is over. I'm really being brutal and it is kind of fun. I think I am well on my way to the 50% less stuff goal. Probably the best part is that since the sale isn't at my house, once it's gone, it's gone. Nothing is coming back. Everything that doesn't' sell goes to GW at 3:01pm. Hopefully, there won't be much left. I'm pricing to sell, sell, sell, sell so I'm hoping folks will buy, buy, buy :0)


Marie said...

Great find! Free is the best. Dan got 2 milk crates full of free terra cotta pots for me, free. I don't have any idea what I am going to do with them, they are all different sizes, only a few large enough for outside use, but you gotta love that they think of you! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Jenny said...

What about a 'brunsfelsia' (I think my spelling is correct). It is also know as a 'yesterday, today and tomorrow bush'.
I have two in pots and they are so pretty and very hardy.

I was proud of myself as I have culled my wardrobe this week and thrown out (to good-will) two large garbage bags of old clothes.