Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Quiet Sunday Night

I'm sure everyone is out enjoying the long weekend. We are are enjoying this one at home. Yesterday was the garage sale. Although it was fun, I will probably never do another garage sale (at least not with the expectations to make any money) There is something to be said about having the sale at your own house. The stuff you forget to put out can be quickly collected, not so much when it involves getting in the car and driving. Oh well, I shouldn't complain. Most of my stuff did sell and I got a little sun in the process.
The weather on Friday was awful. Rain, rain, rain. I think if it had rained we would of loaded up the cars and just taken the stuff to donate. However, it turned out to be a beautiful day (we still thought about just donating everything and going out on the boat.) I'm not sure how hot it was but it was (it hit 83 late afternoon) but for the most part is was just right. We had a nice stream of customers and when it was slow we just sat around and BSed. At one point we got out the lap top and watched a little youtube.
Speaking of youtube, if you haven't seen "Ken Lee" you must. Be warned, you won't be able to stop.
Enjoy :0)

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Jenny said...

I have seen that clip before. It is so hideous but funny.