Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Super Sweet Staff Appreciation Week

So tomorrow kicks off Staff Appreciation Week and I thought I would share what is happening in our neck of the woods. There are 2 levels of appreciation. What the PTA is doing for the staff and what the room parents and kids are doing for the teachers.
Monday: Potluck Breakfast (PTA volunteers to bring in a bunch of baked goods, breakfast casseroles, fruit and juice)
Tuesday: Italian sodas during lunch
Wednesday: Seated Massage with fruit, cheese and crackers
Thursday: Plinko for prizes (basically a raffle for gift certs)
Friday: Car detailing (a group of parents vacuuming and washing cars) as well as dessert buffet.
We also had the kids write a little note of thanks to the staff which are hanging on a bulletin board in the foyer.
Room Parents:
Monday: Wear you teachers favorite color day
Tuesday: Treats for our teachers dog day
Wednesday: Bring flowers for the teacher
Thursday: Make a card for our teacher
Friday: Favorite things for our teacher and a special lunch.
When I was teaching, we got a lunch and something small (which was fine with me) I just think it is so over the top. What is worse, is that there are teachers who actually tell the kids what kind of stuff they want. Yikes.
The budget used to be $1500. I fought to have the budget cut in half. Of course, I then had to chair the committee to prove that it could actually be done for less. I must say I'm pretty proud of our efforts. Most stuff is being donated. Folks are more than happy to help if they are just asked. We are splurging on the massage, but we are getting a deal so I think that is okay. My goal is to come in under 500 bucks. It will be close. So what are other folks doing out there for teacher fest?? I would love to swap horror stories, I mean get new ideas :0)


WSU Laura said...

We have it this week too. We are having a lunch tomorrow, with stuff donated from parents. I am bringing in 60 hot dog buns. Tuesday - appreciation certificates, donated frames, Wednesday - flowers (donated bouquets), Thursday - $10 Gift cards (donated cards from parents), Friday - Scratch it tickets (donated again from parents).

debra said...

Our school is doing this too starting on Monday (tomorrow). The PTA is handling it but they did ask for donations ($, paper goods, prizes,etc). I agree that it's over the top being all week long. Have a good week!

Kellie said...

Our school's staff appreciation luncheon was today. I just checked the PTO budget: $1,750 was budgeted. That's insane in my opinion! I think I may have to speak up on this one...