Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Burning Question: Why???

So I'd like to think I'm not a slave to my tv, but I must admit there are a couple of shows I really like and look forward to watching every week. One of them is Top Chef. When this round started it was clear who could really cook and those who were there to "fill out" the rest of the cast. Surely, they would weed the wannabes out and have the best chefs in the finale. Not this season. I could not be more disappointed in the results.

Why is Lisa in the finale???? She has been at judges table every week. Her attitude is less than pleasant and I'm not sure she can cook to the same level as the others. The week that she stayed and Dayle was sent home, I almost quit watching the show. He was sooo robbed, but I figured it would all be made right in the end. Wrong again, Antonia was sent home and Lisa is in the finals. I guess it won't bother me so much, but at the end of every show is the little disclaimer that eliminations are based on input from the judges as well as the producers. Producers??? That totally bites. I guess they need a villain in the finals (at least in years past the villains could actually cook) Oh well, I still have faith either Richard or Stephanie will win. I picked Richard from the start and I really like Stephanie as well. If Lisa wins I will no longer watch the show. I need my reality tv a little more "real".

Okay speaking of "real" reality tv... I caught an episode of Real World the other night. Although I lasted about 5 minutes, is was so bad. Now I know this dates me, but I was a religious fan of the show from the beginning. Loved the first 3 seasons. San Fran was by far the best season ever. Such a diverse cast, all with pretty interesting stories of trying to make it. When it moved to London it was a total snooze fest, literally, since all they did was sleep. Then some exec had the great idea to have the next season start a business. What a fiasco that was and it also issued in the constant screaming component of the show. Fast forward a couple seasons to Las Vegas and now all they so is drink, scream and hook up. There is no story line at all. I'm not sure if they still are given "jobs" or not. I can't tell if it is that bad or I'm getting old. I think I will go with it's just that bad :0)
Enough about bad tv, I'm getting excited for some summer shows to start and my DVR is ready and waiting. So here are my pics for good summer tv:

30 Days on FX: Morgan Spurlock (the dude who made "Supersize Me") puts himself and others in "someone elses shoes" for 30 days and documents the journey. Last night he was a W. Virginian coal miner. My great-grandfather was a coal miner, so I found it very interesting. Next week's episodes follows an NFL QB who agrees to be wheelchair bound for the 30 days.

Rescue Me on FX: I love this show, but be warned it is not for the faint of heart. It is gritty and brutally honest. It is also very funny and tender. I was never a big Dennis Leary fan, but he is great in this show. The supporting cast is also amazing usually end up stealing the scenes. If a little rough talking won't send you over the edge, this is a show you should not miss. The first few seasons are on DVD.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Mad Men on AMC. Kellie did a great little PR piece for this show the other day and she is completely right. There is nothing else like it on tv. The show has this slow pace to it which makes it almost dream like and like Kellie said it is FULL of eye candy. From dashingly handsome men to vintage kitsch galore, this show is truly a work of art. Not only is it pretty, the stories are interesting. The writers do such a good job of giving you just a bit here and there. They leave you hanging on the edge of your seat and the week can not speed by fast enough.
So there you have it, my summer tv scedule. Thrilling I know, but if the weather does not improve that list just might get longer. Today is our 5th straight day of rain. There is a saying around here that Washatonians don't tan, they rust. Yup seems about right :0)


Timi said...

HOLLY CRAP! I went to dinner last night with The Hub's family and missed Top Chef! I'm going to have to catch up tonight maybe. I'm annoyed now too!
I am a slave to my TV and I'm looking for some new programming. Thanks for the ideas. I'm going to have to check them out.

Marie said...

I don't really watch any of those except "Rescue Me" although I did spend a weekend without sleep one time watching a Real World marathon. Ok, it was hard to stop. But I do watch "Big Brother" and sometimes I catch "Tori & Dean" on occassion, but I am not into reality shows because I think there are just too many of them know, the novelty has worn off. I do like "Rockstar" too, but whenever I get "hooked" on a show, it seems to never come back on...

Jenny said...

I have not seen any of these shows. They have not made our shores yet. I'll keep watch.

Jane said...

***LOVE***Mad Men!