Tuesday, June 17, 2008

School's Out 2.0

Well, the beach never happened. Ben came home with a headache and then proceeded to sleep for 3 hours. Oh well, I don't think it broke 60 and while it didn't actually rain, it was definitely "iffy". So instead, we laid low and did do anything. Enz and Lily came over for a while they played in the backyard with Sam. They got along so well, it was bliss. I made Rachel Ray's Surf and Turf Salad for dinner. I have made it before and I remember it being better.
Oh well, I always enjoy having company for dinner. I was able to feed the kids early so the grown ups could sit and chat. I think I must have lived on a commune in my former life.
I love the having having folks for dinner (or just around in general). The conversation is always so much more interesting. If I ever hit the mega millions power ball I'm buying a compound and moving all my friends and family there. I hope they are okay with that because it really would not be optional :0)

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Mama Lisa said...

what a cute blog. who is the hippie picture of? with ya on the commune thing. would love that