Friday, June 27, 2008

Life Goal: Pool Mom (check)

Between the ages of 12 and 22 I would spend my summers at the pool. All day everyday, I was either be teaching swimming lessons, lifeguarding or working on my tan. We belonged to a local pool and it was literally my home away from home. One of the most interesting facet of pool life was the "pool mom". Everyday at 1:00 sharp they would enter the gates loaded up with coolers, bags of towel and a flock of kids. Once they signed in, the kids would go screaming into the pool and the pool mom would make her way to the upper deck.
The ritual was always the same:
1. Try and score one of the "good" chezes (the one with the cushions)
2. Strip down and lather on the baby oil
3. Make sure your water bottle (for spritzing) was full
4. Put on big hat and sunglasses
5. Light up and gossip with the girls
It was the era of the "yuppie" and life was good. I decided that my goal in life would to become a pool mom. You think I'm kidding? I told my principal during an end of year review that I one of my goals was to become a pool mom and I would be leaving teaching to pursue this. (Okay, I had had it with teaching and all the awful politics and unresonable demands and we were trying to expand our family, but still, I did site my desire to be a pool mom and that it would conflict with my summer inservice schedule as one of my deciding factors)
Now the trick to pulling of total Pool Mom Nervana is to have kids old enough to manage themselves. We have been to the pool in years past and when you have a little one, it just isn't relaxing. This summer Sam is tall enough to bop around the shallow end. Ben of course, is a fish. That means the kids can be in the water, but not me!!! Yay!! I'm on my way. Now I just need a girl to gossip with. Just so happens Jenny P. is in town :0)
Today is actually sunny and supposed to be hot (high 70's). We are meeting at one with coolers and big bags of towles. We will immediately proceed to the upper deck with baby oil and spritzer bottles and spend the afternoon chit chatting away. I'm so excited. It is one things to achieve a lifelong dream, it is another when you best friend is there too to spritz your back when needed :0)


Marie said...

The only sad thing about having a pool in my backyard is that I don't have anyone the chat with...on the other hand, my kids are old enough that I don't have to be out there constantly so I can putter around the house getting my chores done, or sit by the pool with my laptop and blog surf! Congrats on making your goal! Can I send you a card, do they have cards for that? Lol

WSU Laura said...

That truly sounds fabulous! Have a great time and enjoy this wonderful weather (FINALLY!)this weekend.

debra said...

Oh gosh, I remember that too!! I am glad you reached your goal. :) Have a great summer, pool mom!

ancient one said...

I had one summer of pool mom... it was so much fun... we didn't belong to the country club... but my neighbor did.. his wife worked and he golfed.. so I got to take his daughter and mine to the pool every day for the whole summer on their membership!

Nicole said...

Oh it sounds so fun. I'm afraid when I walk in at one o'clock I blind everyone with my white pale skin. Maybe when the kids are a little older my dreams of being a pool mom will come true!

Timi said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! That was my goal in life too! I'm so not kidding!
We didn't have a pool where we lived but we did have a crappy beach. I wanted to be the lady who brought the station wagon full of kids, laid in the sun, drinking, smoking and reading smutty books. By the end of summer I should look like a piece of old leather.
Well......I'm almost there! I got the laying in the sun and smutty book thing down. I just need to round up some kids, a drinking problem, and some smokes!
There is nothing better then the smell of Coppertone, baby oil, and the ink of a new book.
Enjoy being a Pool Mom. In my book that's the highest achievement in Momhood.
By the get first pick in my 2008 Camping Extravaganza give away. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I would love to be a pool mum (mom) too, but I am too fair-skinned for the whole baby oil thing.

It sounds like you are having a great summer.