Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June so far...

Well today is the third of June and it is raining, again. This has been the worst spring that I can remember and now the summer isn't looking too good. Where is global warming when you need it? I have been working in the garden, but it is not very fun to putter in the rain. Now of course my plants like the fact they are actually getting water, but the no sun thing is a real bummer. I planted my window boxes for the first time since we moved in 5 years ago. I think the reason I didn't replant them was because they dried out so quickly.
Taking a little inspiration from Martha, I modified her strawberry pot watering trick for my boxes. Had I been more with it, I should have taken photos of it before it was planted, but oh well. I had Joji drill the PVC pipe, but also attach an "elbow" on it so it would give me a place to water. The jury is still out on how it is working. We haven't had ANY sun, so my boxes are staying nice and moist. I guess time will tell. When they finally do bloom they will be very pretty. I planted a combo of white inpatients, burgundy and speckled purple petunias. I can't wait :0)

We have a baseball game today and it looks like we will be bundling up and bringing the bumpershoots, again. Out of a 15 game season, we have had one "baseball weather" game. Just one. Saturday is our last game and then we are heading over to one of the players houses for the team party. For the past 4 years we have had it at the coaches house, but last years typhoon on party day sent his poor wife over the edge. 15 boys, plus random siblings plus 30 adults would probably send me over the edge too. I signed up to make cupcakes and a salad. I think I will make the Applebees Oriental Chicken Salad. It could not be easier and it looks impressive :0)
I'm sooo all about the easy cooking thing. Joji called me on Saturday wanting to know what was for dinner. He and Matt had spent the day tearing out Matt's side yard and it was late and they were hungry. I wiped up some meatballs and made Sweet and Sour Meatballs over rice. I stopped buying the Costco bag of meatballs for a couple of reasons. First of all they are expensive and secondly they are "Italian" flavored. I want a "naked" meatball that can go into anything. So I have decided that making my own are cheaper and easier. I am making up a batch later today and I will do a post about them. Super easy and quick, my kind of cooking.

Speaking of cooking, I have an addiction to serving pieces. I have a closet full of platters, bowls, cake stands and baskets. For some reason I just can't rip open a bag of chips and call it good. So anyway, yesterday I'm at Goodwill and I found this little sweetie for only 99 cents!! Of course, I had to snatch it up. Now it isn't a very practical cupcake stand since it only holds 13 cupcakes, but I just couldn't pass it up. I have the perfect cake plate to put it on, but now I must bite the bullets and buy myself a cloche'. I was a t Michaels and they had some on clearance. I was tempted, but they were still a bit spendy. I'm hoping this weeks paper will have a 40% off coupon.

I try and be a good, responsible shopper. Whenever I come home I always tell Joj just how much money I have saved him. He just shakes his head and asks, "how many miles today" (we have an Alaska Airlines miles card). One of the items I had been shopping for was a new wallet. I don't like bulky wallets at all. Well, I was totally excited when Timi emailed me and said I could pick out one of her wallets as a "thanks for playing" prize. She had a contest on the worst party you had been to. You should totally check out some of the stories. Very funny!! Anyhoo, I picked this baby out and I love it. The best part is that it hold change without being bulky and my cell phone fits in there as well. I have actually been using it as a small clutch. I cannot have a big purse, so this is perfect for me. If you need a new wallet, check her out.

Well, it is 9:17 and Sammie is still asleep. I have to say I'm temped to crawl back into bed myself. It is hard to get motivated on such a gray day. I hate running errands in the rain, especially "big" rain like today. Not only is it raining, it is cold. I think tossing my sweater in the dryer for a couple of minutes might make getting dresses a little more appealing. Hopefully, the sun is out where you are. And if it is, feel free to send some to my way :0)


WSU Laura said...

Hello rain! I love my cupcake holder and use it often. You got yours for a screaming deal! I need to go check your Goodwill out. Good luck on your baseball games, stay dry.

Timi said...

Thank you so much for the little plug! I'm so glad you like that wallet. I have had mine now for a couple years and love it.
Thanks again for playing my silly little games. :-)